Attacks and protection?;)

advise the attack and defense team:imageimage

Work on a singular 4* team first that you use for both attack and defense. To me, using a team that allows me to maximize rewards from Titans makes the most sense. It also happens that those teams do great on raid attacking and defense too.

You have so many good heroes
If it were me,
Wukong for yellow (Finish Chao after Wu)
Grimm for blue (Kiril after)
Boldtusk for red (Colen/Kelile after)
Tibertus for purple (Rigard after)
Kashhrek or Skittle for green (Skittleskull if you want more offense than defense. But I’d look for Caedmon as he’s better than both of these options)

That gives you a good group with a choice of two beefy tanks for your defense. Your issue would be fighting against riposte teams as you don’t have a dispel. Choosing Sabina instead of Tibertus/Rigard would fix that issue for you but I think you’ll be better off if you can find a Caedmon to replace or backup your Kashhrek.

Remember to only work on 5* heroes after you have a fully maxed 4* team first. It’s cheaper and faster to level and a 4* team allows you to complete just about everything the game throws at you ( that means you’ll gain more ascension items faster).

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Agree on Grimm, WuKong, and Boldtusk, but I would level Sabina first. She’s already quite high, and her dispell special will be very useful.

I would also suggest you don’t spend any more time on Skittle. Boldtusk is a great tank, so you probably don’t have to work on Kashrek either. I’d work on either Kelile (already high, and a good hitter), Chao (better than people make him out to be), or Colen before any of your other greens. There’s nothing wrong with having 2 of one color.

Certainly focus on pulling green to pick up Caedmon, ideally.

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thanks for the advice!!!

@Jalia had a good point about Sabina. I didn’t realize she was already a pretty high level, it may be worth it to you to finish her first over Tibertus and Rigard. Eventually you’ll want them all.

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