Attacking while not updated

I dont think it is fair for people that are not updated to be able to attack people that are up dated. Because when they do this the updated person can not revenge them until they are updated. Creating an unfair advantage for the person that is not updated.

I don’t think it’s fair to put arbitrary limits on players who are still waiting for ITunes or the Google app store to roll out the latest update to them because it inconveniences someone already luckier than them in something as unimportant as an online game.

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But it is not fair for them to attack an already updated person, and not allow the person that got attacked to revenge. Therefore getting an unfair advantage to the person they attacked.
This happened to me many times. It will say i can not attack them because they are on a different version, but they were able to attack me. How is that fair to the person getting attacked. In this case me. :neutral_face:

If this game doesnt matter to you why complain? Just asking. :thinking:

Becauee of the way the rollout works, everyone has the same chance of getting the wrong end of the update stick. It’s annoying, but fair in that next time it might be you upgrading and being unattackable.
With the last update which we are discussing, I didn’t get the option to update until literally the last few hours before the old version was blicked from connecting to the server. The one before I got access to before I even read the announcement post by the devs. Should I be immune to raids or unable to raid for days because I was lucky? And In which case was I lucky and that would be a fair outcome?

I cared to post because it seemed worthwhile to explain why your original post seemed rather self-centered to me. I hoped that someone reading my response might realize there’s more to a game with multiple players being fair to them all than their own immediate convenience.

Did you read my post at all??? Or did you skim over it??? It said it is not fair that revenge can not happen as a result. Not selfish at all.
It is not about just me…
It is about everyone that gets attacked by those who are not updated and can not revenge them because they are not updated…
They can make it so like versions can attack only like versions. Otherwords if you are still on old version then you can only attack old version people. So it is FAIR amongst EVERYONE…
You should read every word that is posted BEFORE you respond… so you dont try to insult people by saying they are self centered when they are not.
For what i just read you are seeing things on one side… you do not see that i was talking for other people that have complained about the same thing.
Read things in its entirity before responding… defermation of character much… well you did that to me by stating that im self centered when im not…
You ask my members how i run my alliance and you will see i am as fair as i possibly can be… self centered people do not do that…
Thank you… AND READ ALL THE CONTENTS HERE… DO NOT JUST SKIMM IT…then come up with conclusion that are FALSE… that kind of behavior just starts arguments.
I do realize it is just a game… but it is a game i happen to really enjoy and pay alot of money into so the devs can continue doing the best they can. I beleive they do their best, but it does not mean i can not make valid suggestions for improvement.
Here is a question for you as well… do you think it is fair that anyone in this situation has to wait for others to update before they can revenge? Even though it may take days… and by then the person that attacked you is off the list and cannot be revenged and still got to keep the trophies that were taken… think about that…
Do make false accusations about people if you do not plan to read everything then ask for clarification isntead of attacking peoples character.

I described the impression your post gave me, not made an analysis of your behaviour. No insult was intended, and I apologize if you took it that way.

Judging by your response, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that your mistaken accusations are the result of a translation issue.

Appology accepted… next time just ask for clarification.o.k.?

If a player hasn’t updated to the most current version, they shouldn’t be able to log on the game until they do. People hold off all the time with every update to avoid being revenged in raids for a time. Kinda like a free raid shield for being douche. I’ve played E&P since its beginning. Why hasn’t this been fixed yet? Am I the only one flustered about this?

Two points:

  1. This works both ways. They also can’t revenge you back if you hit them, then update.

  2. More importantly: it’s not necessarily “for being douche”. Some of us will only update via wi-fi to save data, and choose not to use public wi-fi to do so due to avoid actual problem ( or douche) humans who want to hack us.

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