Attacking after hp down to zero

It happens more frequently now. When fighting and getting enemy Down to zero hp and it has full Mana attack ready, it will unleash it and then die. Is this normal?

I don’t believe that the enemy is already on 0 HP, when it attacks. I’m quite sure, that it has some HP left, attacks and then dies because of dot from burning or poison. In this situation you can see already 0 HP, when you click at him while your attack is still going on; this is because the hero will have 0 HP before it’s your turn again.

No I’ve seen it too, on raids I’ve obviously attacked an enemy hero with full mana only to have them unleash their special before dying. I’ve thought for a while this is totally unfair as you don’t get the chance to use a special if your hero is taken out.

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@Alaine, no there’s no ongoing damage. It’s usually when they get hit with some combos.

@Enigma-MT, ok, good at least I know I am not the only one who has this problem. My wife, who also plays, has also witnessed it.

It’s irritating because at times I’ve seen it and the fallen enemy has used their special to take put one of my heroes who is full mana thus robbing me of the chance to hit them.

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And why if it’s a draw does it go to the defending team. We both lost should be no victory for either if that’s the case.

Me and my gf witness 0 hp before I attack so they can attack with no health and full Mana shouldn’t give them an automatic go.

Post your team please and opponent team

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