Attacked while playing

Ok for the second time while playing for well over an hour I was attacked while still on the game. Both times happened when I reached the top 30 globally and both where revenge raids of players I had just beaten. This is not supposed to happen and this issue needs to be addressed and corrected immediately.

Once your rank is lower than 101 on a global scale (so top 100) you could be attacked while online.


Yes this is supposed to happen. To prevent people from abusing the system by staying online all the time (or using bots for that) just to prevent their name from dropping below the top100.


You can not stay on for extended periods of time without playing, it will automatics log out if no actions are taken after a few minutes. As for bots I can’t speak to that because. Have no idea how they work.

Good to know, thank you both.

Well your theory of being attacked while under rank 101 global doesn’t hold water. I have a player I attacked and lost an am trying to attack again but can’t because they are online and their global rank is 50.

You can only revenge players in the top 100 who are online. You can’t initiate a new attack against them. So if they get attacked and then pop back online, then unless you’re revenging, they will become unavailable.

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Cool gotcha, thanks for the info.

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