Attacked while online

I was attacked twice while actively in game. This was not a delayed notification as it was from the same player and a while after I logged in. Just wondering why this happened. It was a revenge attack but I was not sure if that fell under a different set of rules as a regular raid. Thank you for your time.

You can be revenged while online if you are in the top 100 globally. That is the only time. Other than that, you can’t be attacked while online.

I am definitely not top 100, and he definitely did a revenge attack while I was online unless notifications can be delayed almost 30 mins. And can also come about 5 minutes apart.

I haven’t heard of anyone else having this bug, but I suppose it’s possible.

I do think a delayed notification and long raid is more likely. If you were doing something, the notification wouldn’t pop up until you were done. Completing the challenge event, for example.

I was in and out of the main page at least five or six times after I logged on. I mean I guess it could have just been a super delay. Guess I will wait and see what they say. Thanks for the response though I appreciate you taking the time to do it.

Maybe it is a bug. I haven’t experienced anything like this.

I can confirm that the devs have said that the only time you can be attacked online is as a revenge if you are ranked in the top 100 globally. So, if it did happen it is definitely not working as intended.

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