Attacked the titan and did not get loot

Hi, on last titan I did not get titan loot at all, but I did get app notification abuot titan loot available

This happened twice to others in my alliance as well.

Same here. Recent titan without loot, nb. 1 dmg dealer though. Any ideas / solutions?

This just happened to a couple in our alliance. They looked in their backpacks and didn’t get anything new

Please submit support tickets as soon after the incident as possible. Player-specific issues cant be handled through these forums.

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I didn’t get a window to let me claim Titan loots after my clan defeated it.

Last attacked Titan : Emperor Dragon 9*.
It appears in my profile as strongest titan hit.
I did not receive loot or loot window.
No new items in backpack

I am Somnianti in the list.

Yes. It happened to me today too. And a few days ago too. Don’t know how to report this…

I didnt get gifts for titan. Who can help me?

Please open a support ticket using the in-game support button. The support staff will get back to you, and they can actually go through the game logs and see what happened.

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