Attack vs Defense & the value of Defense vs Health (raid data)


I believe the whole “what’s the value of defense” debacle has not yet been solved. Is health better? Is defense better? How much damage does it reduce? Etc.
So I figured I’ll attack some random fella and look at damage knowing the defense ratios.

I picked an enemy who doesn’t have any defense/attack modifying heroes.

Let’s look at his front line hero, Caedmon:
Defense 637
Toop: +13% defense

Attacking with red gem, Kelile [attack 661, troop +18% attack]
42, 42, 45

Attacking with green gem, Melendor [attack 681, troop +15% attack]
21 23 21 21

Attacking with yellow gem, Li Xiu [attack 660, troop +15% attack]
22 22 44 [crit]

Skill test:

Enemy hero: Colen, defense 446, troop +12% defense

Dance of fire: 473 damage <Kelile [attack 661, troop +18% attack, skill does 320% damage]>
Slash of Seven Blades: 191 damage <Li Xiu [attack 660, troop +15% attack]>

Enemy hero: Hu Tao, Defense 631, troop +17% defense

Slash of the Seven Blades: 122 damage <Li Xiu [attack 660, troop +15% attack, skill does 150% damage]>

Does it tell us anything? Not me cause math, but hey. I thought I’d leave it here in case someone was curious :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not sure more data is needed. It seems pretty consistent in general and I got deleted by Mr. Colen while I was trying to do science so I couldn’t continue the experiment sufficiently long.

It would appear that it’s something like…
150% of 660+15%x660 equals 122 on 631+17%x631 defense?

Blarghu blergh math. I’m out lol. Feel free to add your data, make sense of it, or proclaim it to be a wrong way to check things and simply bs :stuck_out_tongue: That’s also possible. Cheers.


I’m with you on Blerg math!

I was told way back when that I should look at DEF first, then HP when determining the value of a Defense Raid card.

Naturally math would help right about here in determining WHY def matters more than hp. Don’t ask me about Atk. :grin:

waits for the Math greats to show up


Well, Kelile has pretty good defense (4th out of 4*), crap HP (the worst out of 4*), and she’s regarded as a squishball in general. She does die a lot for me. Tiny sample rate though. In my experience Gormek is much harder to kill though (best HP out of 4*, 4th worst defense out of 4*). I have noooo idea.

Joins in waiting for the Brains to help.


Doncha just hate it when the lessons we learned at the beginning are NOT the ones we ought to remember? :grin:


Way to hard to math %s and rounding numbers.

All i know is defense is important. If you want to give it a shot, run 23-11 with a low 3* defense hero and watch them totally get trashed. My Maxed Gormek takes 1200dmg from the special skill, while my rigard take 850ish.