Attack turn counter Question

Can anyone explain the mechanics? I watch a defense players turn counts do weird jumps in numbers. For instance, a hero will say 4turns and after I hit (maybe scoring a kill) it drops to turn1. Other times a hero will be on turn1 and next round be turn1 without attacking. Also, at the start I usually see a 4,2,1,3,1 count and until either of us score a kill it’s all turn1s and 2s. Cant find a subject cover this and it’s a little confusing.

This is myfollowing dot .

A video would help.

==Physical attacks in Raid s==

The physical attack counter should count down to 1, then attack, then reset to a random number from 2-4.

==Five random numbers==

Unless I record the raid, it can get confusing because there are five different heroes, all with a random number between 1- 4.


Also the current number is replaced by an (S) anytime the mana bar fills up, which can be a lot for heroes with very fast mana speed or fast mana speed adding even more confusion.

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@Gryphonknight yeah I recorded that affect. Seems like an S takes preference over the standard attack then leaves it at its last turn counter. Wonder if there any type of list or worth making a list for heros turn ratio. Dont know if it makes a difference. Think my biggest baffle is the huge jump in numbers when counting down and the fact that an enemy hero doesnt always attack on there turn while on 1. Usually it winds up with 3 or 4 heros all attacking the same turn. This seems to follow with consecutive hits on a single target terminating his life. Kinda frustrating at times. I dont see this pattern of revolving turns when facing monsters, so it’s only vs heros.

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