Attack stats on non attackers?

This is kind of two questions where either being answered will probably answer both. Cyperian and others have attack stats but do not attack…why do they have attack stats and why forced to put talent nodes in attack slots? Then I notice in a raid if the opponent has only a healer left and healer is full the healer will hit you with something although they have no listed attacks…how does that work?

Tile Damage :wink: All heroes contribute to tile or “shield” damage when used in offence.

From a defence perspective, you’ll note that all heroes do “slash attacks” :slight_smile:

The higher this attack stat, the more tile/ slash damage they do.

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So, short answer, all heros attack.

A more complete explanation is that all heros attack with gems. You match the gems of their color and each gem attacks the hero it hits (if you’ve killed a hero then that tile is “ghosted” or doesn’t hit anyone but builds additional mana.

The card lists the hero’s special “attack.” Some of those are attacks, some are not.


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Good to know info thankyou!

Time to get off the computer I seem to have misplaced my English somewhere… I tried searching but the wording I could think of didn’t bring anything up that helped, including general google search. I’m guessing it didn’t bring anything up cause this was a “dur!” moment. Thanks again :crazy_face:

From where your line of thinking was going I can’t think of a thread that you would have found easily (I haven’t read them all, but I’ve consumed a big chunk). So often it can come down to your own ideas of what is going on and the language longtime players use to describe things isn’t your first or even second thought.

I was mostly thinking for future questions. This forum is a great place for information and game conversation.

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