Attack stats and troops

How does the troop work and the hero’s attack stats? for example, Caedmon uses his 345% damage ability, that damage comes from the hero attack stats + the troop attack ???

the cure of the troops is a% on the cure already calculated to the hero ?? if the cure is of a shift or several shifts, as it affects the% cure of the troop?

I’m having a little trouble parsing your English, but here’s an initial answer.

Re attack stat and troops, yes, the troop’s modifier changes the effective attack stat. Pairing a troop with +10% attack changes all of Caedmon’s attacks up by 10%, both his special and tile/slash damage on offense/defense, respectively.

The % cure is based on the nature of the special or potion. If a healer’s special is Recover 35% of HP, when cast on a hero with a 13% cure bonus, it will recover 40% of HP (=113% of 35%).

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in mosaic it is the% of the troop applied to the atake, but in the special ability, for example, Caedmon, its 345% is added that 10% =, 355%?

Don’t think so, cause it will be nonsence. Troops will add 10% to Caedmon basic attack and only after that it will affect on his skill. So Caedmon have 500 attack pluss 10% troops= 550, and on that 550 345% will count. I am pretty sure that formula is not simple, so should be some coefficient that decreease amount of damage. Maybe I will try to find out formula of enemy attack in raid later.

As @Coldneel says, the modifier is to the attack stat. The special % is not directl affected, but since the special is linked to the attack stat, damage is increased with the troops.