Attack on the Titan bug

Attack on the Titan bug I just attacked the Titan. I used mana and ax, the attack was not considered. Developers, what is happening? Of the 2 attacks only one was worth? How can you?

Can you be a little more specific?
Did the axes not hit and give little sparkles in lower right of Titan.
Using a Mana potions isn’t an ‘attack’, it increases one of your hero’s Mana bar.
What am I missing here?

I went to attack the Titan, which went well. At the end the screen locked and counted my attack, or the damage caused to the Titan was not computed. I lost an attack. The game caught on the screen that appears shortly after the attack.

The screen froze? Or just didn’t count your attack?

Have you sent in a Support Request?

He simply did not count the attack. As for support, I’m directed to this forum.

Click the link to the FAQ article above. At the bottom of the article, click the blue link “Submit a Request” to start the help process. :slight_smile:

Eu ataquei o tita por mais de 30 segundos e do nada saiu do jogo perdi uma vida e deu como dano 0 no ■■■ã, essas merda de bug so pra atrapalhar nosso jogo, essa bosta nao resolve nada

Account #13WW91 . Have the same problem , killed titan today and dont have revard for this . Something blinked in half second and thats all .

I want to report an inconvenience because in my alliance today two colleagues closed the app while attacking the titan. That affects us since we do not have many members and that helps the escape of the titan. Thank you for your attention.