Attack of The Healers-Revenge arrow idea

I really think the revenge arrows are still overpowered. People are putting up 3-4 healer defense teams and letting the arrows do the work for them.

I know we can all do this but i don’t think that was the intention of the devs or what they were going for.

How about the arrows adding a status effect instead? One attack they lower your teams defense or your attack power? The arrows can still take some HP, but like many others have said, a small percentage of the remaining health, not kill you. There is little strategy involved with the way it is now, just fill your team with heroes and hope to survive. This would still keep interest alive and differentiate it from regular raiding.

It is just an idea, i feel bad for my team, they complain about the arrows every time. Now many are wanting to not play all together. I enjoy the camaraderie it provides and it is a fun distraction. I would just like to see this one thing tweaked, in any way. I know status quo and all that and everyone has to deal with the same on both ends, but going up against a team full of healers just seems to defeat the purpose. Trying to go against the bigger teams is also not good strategy with the way things are, so you attack mid to low teams to get the most out of your flags. Just boring. At least to me.

Here is my AW defense team
Kiril (4/70), Boldtusk (3/60), Guinivere (3/70), Melendor (4/10), and Sabina (4/70)

I haven’t been attacked in alliance wars since when I went to all healers

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I wouldn’t attack you either. It would take too long to wipe you out, and the arrows would get me first. This is a great example for the developers

To counter that I go into attack with 2/3 healers tend to win most.

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Exactly…“attack of the healers”. AW is more about how many healers do you have leveled. Lol

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I agree you cannot go into fight all healers with a full attacking team.

I have asked my team to have at least 2 healers in their teams.

I like the concept of making the arrows a bit weaker in exchange for inflicting a random status condition (like burning arrows or poison-tipped arrows inflicting DOT). However, I actually like that healers have a game mode where they’re actually useful for something other than their secondary effects. In a game where the same half-dozen single-target snipers seem to rule every mode of play, it’s nice to see a little variety.

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I think to be fair all the way across the board the arrows need to go completely. Make it like a Raid fight with no arrows to get in the way. A straight up fight and show of skill and ability.

Many in our alliance agree with you, but there are many players who enjoy the new mechanics it brings, i was trying to find some middle ground :slight_smile: