Attack my three team

Just had someone attack my third team and that are not my defence term my defence team are number one and the market that tell you that they are is still on them how or what happen

Make sure that the defense team button (shown below) is correctly assigned to your number one team.


Did you inadvertently set your 3rd team as your raid defense team? It only takes a touch, something that is easily done.

I’ve done that myself by accident in the past.

I’ve done that myself, once had my Titan hitting team accidentally set to defense. Cup dropping the hard way. It was a massacre :rofl:

BTW how do you know which team was attacked?

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Yes, this?!

20 question marks


When it came up I went to attack back and it was my team 3 and not my defense team and they still got defense team button on them ???

The te should be the last team you used in raids.

Was it selected? If so, just a mistake like @ThePirateKing said.

Yeah prob a mistake you can change the names of your teams and the game will remember so set your defence. You have 5 teams you can rename them. Just scroll across for each team to set up.

So each time I go to the titan my titan team will be there

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My defense team is team 7 but I see your point. Establish a defense team and don’t play with it. I accidentally made a three star farming practise team defense and lost a pile of cups in a day.

Nice little tip. Not exactly an intuitive find. I wonder how much other hidden functionality there may be? :slightly_smiling_face:

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