Attack me... If you dare! Please?

I would like anyone who is interested in searching me out to attack my defense team and record the battle if possible.

Currently, this is the defense I am running and would love to see how it holds up.

Thank you in advance and I can record a revenge and post it here too, if you’d like.

How new are you to the game?! :thinking:
This request couldn’t be anything but a fool’s errand :roll_eyes:

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Have you asked your alliance. Not much sealing out needed.

They don’t record their attacks, so I won’t be able to see anything.

The chances of you convincing one of your alliance members to record their hits against you > the chances of a random stranger randomly seeing your post and randomly coming across you in a raid and then recording it for you


If you don’t want to do it, then you don’t have to. I’m asking anyone who wants to. I’ve done it before and I know there have been others who’ve done the same, so my request isn’t that outrageous. And again, as I’ve said before, my alliance mates do not record.

How do you find the specific person you want to raid?

And again, getting them to change their minds is not a big deal and easier logistically than your other plan.

Or create an alt account, level it up to a point where it is competitive against your original. Get it to join your alliance and record yourself attacking yourself. That should all be ready roughly by the same time that someone who reads this post is able to randomly bump into you and record you.

Having said all that I would be happy to record any battles against you, I just don’t see there being much chance of finding you in that huge pool of players


I reroll until I find them. It isn’t too hard.

Re-roll so many times and probably run out of food and start all over…again…that’s probably what a close associate or a friend would do if not in same alliance…wonder if some random strangers would be willing to go through all that, that’s what I guess @Homaclese was explaining earlier.


It isn’t? OK - you find me and attack me and I’ll reciprocate


Probably easiest if you keep an eye out for forum names and post/ tag your hit vs them in the fighting familiar names thread asking them to vid any revenge. As already said, someone wasting all that ham to specifically look for you seems a long shot

BTW on another note I thought you’d fed all your heroes away, you must’ve either had the best luck on the planet or had to spend a crapton again to get that D back

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It’s hard to keep a good D down

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Allow a guest attacker to join your alliance…attack you and record it…leave the alliance.

Much easier than hunting in the bushes…


Nice question from the gentleman! Why not!

Create a second and third account and experiment as much as you want!

Another suggestion: leave your alliance and find one, in which your new teammates will record attacks on you. Then get back to your old alliance.


It was luck, trust me and I wasn’t able to feed them all away.

I must admit I got the impression from the much earlier post that everything had been fed away and it was basically “game over”.

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Things changed. I did feed mostly everything away, but as you can see, I came back.

@King_Kyree77 ……Can you post a snapshot of your new “lucky pull” roster.
It would be nice to see how you did on your comeback