Attack in the last minute of the AW

Hi, I have a question.
If I attack in the last minute of AW and defeat my opponent, but the fight ends after the war, will I score points for my alliance or not?

All ongoing attacks will be able to be completed when the timer runs out. The calculation of points will wait until the battles are done. Seen it twice.


I believe if you’re in a battle points are allocated when the battle concludes. There’s always a slight delay before war results are posted.

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What @Sarah2 said

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Dunno what you’re talking about :wink:


yeah, I think it is has been officially confirmed that an ongoing battle is allowed to finish.
which I think is a bit of […] . there is a timer for a reason - at the very least, interrupt the battle as a loss to the attacker and give the score accordingly, or better yet simply dont count battles if they ended after the timer ran out.

Ages ago I was in a war match. But I didn’t get to finish it as time run out on the actual war clock not the match.

In the last war, one of our opponents attacked exactly 1 minute 10 seconds before the end of the war. The result was calculated for a very long time and his points determined the outcome of the war, unfortunately we lost. Hence my question whether points gained after the expiry of the statutory time should count. It seems to me that as time passes the player should be thrown out of combat, but this did not happen.

I think that’s just the way war has always worked. Well as long as I’ve been playing since January last year.


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I know what you’re talking about :wink:.


This is very true and have seen it happen multiple times in some very very close matches…it’s frickin awesome lol


Eh completely disagree

Ball is in play
Play gets to finish out

But think we’ve discussed this before so just agreeing to disagree

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Done this several times myself.

Good fun to wait out opponents last hit and then if this happens in the last minute in a close one, I can see how many points we need and can select an easy or hard opponent accordingly.

Opponent could have just waited so I wouldn’t get to see his last score. Not my fault he didn’t have the nerve or knowledge to wait.

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