Attack focus taking multiple taps to register

Took me 3 taps to get attack focus on atomos.

Sometimes i dont notice and I end up firing a special at a target I didnt want.

Anyone else notice this?

I have as well. Not sure what’s going on exactly, but I ended up with a couple of randomly-targeted attacks in the raid tournament before I started slowing down and verifying my targeting.

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I think its a built in function to cause you to lose.




Hot take: maybe Zynga just bought a stake in a replacement screen manufacturer, and it’s a plot to dramatically increase both tap count and phone-into-wall incidents?

On the plus side, Amazon says my tinfoil hat will be arriving soon!


I recently noticed that it takes sometimes quite long after a special was fired until you can again actively tab somewhere. Also during titan fights where every millisecond counts.
Even when titan fired it feels like ages until I can do anything again. Quite often it happens that I click a heros skill and then swap the bord. Then I see that the hero did not fire. Waitingand clicking multiple times the hero card to be sure that hero fires costs me about 3-4 seconds every titan fight.


Having more than 1 hero ready to fire a special, tapping them in order and making a move on on the board to notice that 1 or 2 have not fired the special.
In riads I learned to be extra carefull and take the time to confirm the game noticed what it wants me to do. But when fighting titans you just don’t make time to confirm, double confirm and if the game is up to speed.
I will try to see if I can deduct it a bit to see if there are some hero’s that have this ‘issue’ more than others.


apprechiate your help, mate…

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