Attack damage % question

I tried reading other posts but there’s several answers. Lets say hero A has 500 attack shield and health. All 3 are 500. The special does 200 % damage. Enemy hero B has exact same stats 500 attack, defense and health. Assume no troop for ease.
Now, what would hero A do with a 3 tile attack in their color against a full health hero B?
Second, again both are full health but hero A has special loaded. When used its 200% damage. Ignore the tiles,etc, what is the damage from just this special?
I’m trying to basically find what number is the damage a % of. I know the shield, specials, troops etc play a role but I just want to know the base.

Clearly it has to change as hero’s from different levels 1,2,3,4,5* can have similar special like does 200% damage. Clearly a 5* should do more damage than a 1* for 200% damage.

I am a graduate level chemist so math doesn’t scare me. I just want an easy problem so I can then apply to the real numbers. The ones that do 300hp over 3 turns would seem to be 100 per turn. Its the % that is strange esp since as I said lower hero’s have similar % as higher.

Thanks for any help…

Questions could worded a bit better, but you’re basically asking for damage vs defense formula. This is the closest I’ve found on this.

So in your first example. 500 atk vs 500 defense, each tile would do 1 to 33 dmg assuming no crit effect. If you apply %atk buff and -def debuff, the damage will shoot up in a nonlinear fashion according to the graph. This is why buff and debuffs are so good.

How the %atk from special gets applied against defense I’ve no definite answer. My suspicion is that defense mitigation gets applied to the base atk before %atk from hero special is applied to scale up the resulting damage. This is why Thorne is such a trash attacker and hits like Sonya… because his base attack IS Sonya’s atk stats.

In your example special’s damage would be between 200*(exp(-0.5)*500/500)^1.35 and 200*(exp(0.5)*500/500)^1.35, tile damage of one tile would be between 100/3*(exp(-0.5)*500/500)^1.35 and 100/3*(exp(0.5)*500/500)^1.35, double (*2) for strong color tiles, half (*0.5) for weak color tiles.

That gives us special’s damage between 102 and 393, if hero deals extra against an element, special’s damage would be between 143 and 550. Tile’s damage would be between 17 and 65 for neutral element tiles, between 8 and 33 for weak element tiles, between 34 and 131 for strong element tiles. If attacking hero is in defense team, special’s damage will be between 130 and 502 (182 and 703 for extra).

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