Attack buff/ailment stack

I don’t know if this was supposed to work so, but in my opinion it shouldn’t be like this.

Here’s the thing. In buff tournament my team got attack down and in addition attack buff due to other buffs.
It seems first the attack down is applied and the attack buff is applied on the lowered attack resulting in a lower buff than it would, when applied on the initial value.
So -34% and +60% results in +5%

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It’s a multiplicative function, so no matter in which order you apply the status effects, the outcome is the same.

823×(1−0.34)×(1+0.6) = 869

869 - 823 = 46

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the explanation. That makes it clear. In my opinion it should be rather applied to the initial value. Like

823 - 823 * 0.34 + 823 * 0.60

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The only place in this game where the percentages are applied to initial values, are mana speed and emblem nodes. In fact, those are the anomalies.

Usually in percentage calculations, the current value is always considered. For example, if someone says that price of apple is increased by 20%, but on a later date the price is decreased by 30%, then new price of apple is A*(1+0.2)*(1-0.3), where A is initial price of apple. :slight_smile: