Attack Boost War has a bug. Attack Boost disappeared

Here are the screenshots of January 21st attack boost war.

After attack boost triggered, it didn’t disapperead. You can see the blue knife.

Here are the screenshots of today (February 25th) attack boost war.

The knife appeared first, and then it disappeared quickly.

You can see this issue from my war videos, too.

[7thElement] 2021.01.21 War (Attack Boost) vs Ro.VAMPIRES (Empires & Puzzles)

[7thElement] 2021.02.25 War (Attack Boost) vs Srbija Zemlja Sumraka (Empires & Puzzles)

I am not quite sure that this is a bug or not, but the knife disappeared continuosly, so you need to check this issue.

Anyone noticed this? Anyone has the answer?

Thanks in advance.

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