Attack boost stackable in Aw

We are curious if the attack boost in Aw. Is stackable with kiril or any of the attack boost heroes.


Well that was a little bit of a non-sequitor…

To attempt to answer the OP’s question, I saw beta footage that indicated it did stack with hero-based boosts. I haven’t had it in any of my wars so far, so I can’t say for sure that it does in release.

And another question: can it be dispeled?

I think the 10% bonus will only last for one turn. Just like the arrows only hits once when the timer is full, just like the enemy aid only hit once when the timer was full. 10% bonus activates when the timer is full, they attack with the bonus, 10% bonus goes away, then you attack, won’t have to dispel it. I’m just guessing though.

The rule itself says it is stackable. No clue on how much boost or duration.

Yes, war attack boost stackable.
No, war attack boost can’t be dispelled.
No, war attack boost doesn’t last one turn. It last until the battle is over. If they get a 2nd boost, it will be 20%, 3rd will make it 30% and so on.


ouch! That’s going to be tough.

I’d assume it’s a cumulative 10%, which stays with the enemy. The health they regain doesn’t last one turn so a one turn 10% bonus wouldn’t be equivalent

Sorry, what @Checker said

Yikes. That seems insane, and yet another helping hand to alliances with more powerful heros, since they can clear the field more quickly.

Are you sure about this (heard from devs or beta testers) or are you just guessing? Sorry if I ask confirmation but that’s pretty relevant to arrange defense properly

I am a beta tester. 20 crap char


Checker is correct in his description. I think you’ll find that attack boost is actually the weakest of the 3 enemy aids. It ramps up pretty slowly and doesn’t have an immediate impact like the arrows or healing.

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