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I’ve been playing e&p for 2.5 years and do not have an attack boost hero. Am I the only one in this whole game who doesn’t have any? Not even Wu Kong. Not one. Is it me or is this extremely abnormal for the amount of time I’ve been playing?

So, no Boldtusk, kiril, Wu, Brienne, Ares, Tarlack, Ranvir, Khiona or Zimkitha.

If you’ve been playing over two years, can we assume you are running multiple tc20?

I would think it exceptionally unusual that Tc20 had no produced a single one of kiril, Boldtusk or Wu in that time.

What about Brienne? Are you running TC10?


Surely you have (or at least had) at least one Brienne.

I know, I know, of course you have, and don’t call you Shirley. :grin:


Or there’s always 2* Stalking Dead or Walrus Face


Nope, just kiril and khiona, who don’t hold a torch to even wu Kong’s attack boost, as you already knew.

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Perhaps I should have asked if it was odd I have not received wu kong by now. And yes was running multiple tc20s until recently.

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Unfortunately, due to the nature of RNG, it’s not all that odd to have not gotten a Wu, or any specific hero. Is it odd to do 30+ pulls and only get 3* heroes? Well, it’s statistically unlikely, but certainly not impossible or even extremely rare, as winning the lottery or getting struck by lightning (you are probably much more likely to pull 30 3* heroes in a row than you are to win the lottery or get struck by lightning, strictly statistically speaking).

I’m not saying I like the way the system works with its current odds, I emphatically don’t. I wish the odds of pulling certain heroes was higher than it currently is. I’m only saying that while your personal experience of not pulling any Wu’s might lean towards the unlikely end of the odds scale, it’s certainly not unusual enough to warrant an investigation into possible supernatural influences. My own luck in boards and summons and loot has been bad enough to seem unlikely, but it happens. Just as I’ve seen other people experience bizarrely good luck.

**it happens. :man_shrugging:

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Yeah I suppose you’re right. Thx.

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I’m sorry, I hope you do get a Wu or some other good attack booster in the future. Just that with all the different heroes available, your odds of pulling one specific one (especially a 4* or 5*) are very rare. Even big spenders don’t always get all the heroes they want, I see them :cry: on this forum almost every day. It’s unfortunate, but it is the way RNG works sometimes.


Just wanted to compliment you on a very empathetic response, we don’t see enough kindness in the world


Thank you. :grinning:

I’m empathetic because I’ve drawn the short straw plenty of times myself, so I know how bad it feels, and I understand the desire to complain. Venting is a good stress reliever sometimes. It also helps to let other people know that they’re not the only person going through it.

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I’ll keep my fingers crossed and try not to get too frustrated. Ty again for your sincere and honest response.

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Good luck on pulling a Wu! I’m still hoping for a Li Xiu, Kiril, Vivica and a bunch of other heroes myself. Might never get them, but maybe some day.

Good Luck to you as well.

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When you responded to my comment last month I was very put off by it because of your antagonistic tone. I decided to let it go because I was frustrated with the game for not receiving Wu Kong, Tarlak, Ranvir or Miki. But especially frustrated over WuKong after 2.5 yrs. FYI I still have not received Wu and have been running multiple tc20. After some time to think I still have concern with how you responded and perhaps how you respond to others. Your response was not helpful in the least, which is why people come here, for help and information. Instead you chose you respond with banter and instead of giving an answer you asked more questions which defeated the purpose of my question. If you cannot provide a logical answer to a question, don’t answer it. The only thing you did accomplish with your response was add to my frustration. Not very productive was it. If you look at the response by TGW, his response was sincere and helpful. Your response was not at all helpful and combative even. Thank you to TGW for helping.

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Well @Morgarious, I’m sorry to hear that as it was not my intention, and that was not banter.

I can see that the message could be read like that, however, I’m afraid that you have misconstrued the tone as antagonistic. I certainly could have made it more conversational.

I was seeking to establish the exact situation as in order to establish the cause, more information was needed. I couldn’t provide an answer because there wasn’t enough information yet.

Some people come here to complain, without having done some simple things that could help their particular situation.

What I was trying to find out was whether you meant every attack boost hero, or just the most high profile ones, and whether you had the best setup to achieve this.

As I said, I’m very sorry to hear that you were upset. Please re-read my post as if I’m going through a check list to establish your situation so we could offer bespoke assistance.

I’ve been writing on the forum for 18 months, I’ve been moderator and I’ve spent dozens of hours assisting people and creating the forum glossary. In my four thousand posts, this is the third that I have had similar feedback about.This doesn’t make me infallible by any stretch, but I hope you see that my record is not of an antagonist.

Best wishes


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It is odd that you did not get Wu Kong in 2.5 years. Try to do a pull when the Yellow heroes are featured. With regards to Wu Kong, it is not the rnd of the world not to have him. His attack boost is really just good on Titans. But you can combine other heroes and get a fair Titan hit. My approach is not to focus on what I don’t have but to see what the best is that I can do with what I do have.

Airplane! jokes? Really?

Anyway it’s possible all Wu Kongs meant for original poster went to me, since in space of two months I’ve got like 5th Wu Kong from 2xTC20. Also I would like know who got 5* I should have, because no 5* from 45 draws happens to less than 10% of players …


This could be a terrible solution to your problem but Jill (Red, Fighter Class); Shaarkot (Red, Sorceror Class); and Toril (Blue, Barbarian Class) all give 48% attack for 4 turns. I realize they are all 2* heroes and under almost no circumstance would you entertain embleming a 2* hero. If I’m not mistaken a 2* hero fully emblemed is basically a 3* hero. Now would you want Jill’s revive, Shaarkot’s delay, or Toril’s wound talents? I hope you don’t have to travel this particular path and receive a hero that would help out better but until then wouldn’t this merit at least some consideration?

@Morgarious I have not seen Wu Kong on either profile for all the 7 months I have been playing. But to not get a 4 star after 2.5 years of playing, dang that is some bad rng. The thing is with Wu and by extent Ranvir, they have a chance to miss at the cost of hitting like a truck. I have Brienne on my main account (about to hit node 20 in 29 more emblems!) and Boldtusk on my alt. I make do with them for now until Wu decides to show up.

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