Attack boni cancelling each other out - bug or not?

Hi folks,

tried this one for curiosity. Kirils (Boldtusk) and Briennes (Khiona) attack overwrite each other despite having a different symbol

Gathered mana with Kiril & Brienne. Fired off both skills Kiril first.

Is this intended or a (known) bug?

Sry if this has been asked before.
Cheers Viking

This isn’t bug, both specials buff attack without another effects (like Wu) so they can’t stack

Well there is a difference… Kiril and Boldtusk just pump the attack value. The skill of Brienne is different, everytime you are hit the attack value further increases.

Looking for an official answer, please.

I’m not “official” but it we know that this is working as intended. Very early the buffs stacked (hence the different icons), which proved to be over-powered. So there was a change (summer of 2017) for Brienne’s bonus to overwrite, and be overwritten by, the standard attack bonus (e.g. Kiril).

There are currently two attack buffs that do stack on the Brienne/Kiril generic +attack:

  1. Wu Kong’s Gambler’s Stance
  2. Tarlak’s Martial Prowess

Another related buff set is +critical, which has a chance of doubling normal damage. This buff is from Melia, Gregorion and Ares.

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Not forgetting tournament and war special rules as well!

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Doesnt give details on brienne attack buff stacking correctly tho. Assuming it was stacking with all and was updated to overwrite/be.overwritten with Kirk and boldtusks attack buff

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Lol Kirk? Kiril!!!

Thanks. This explanation works for me :slight_smile:

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