Attack Arrows, Joon, Drake annnd



Any hero with a blind special is a joke…

I just fought in season 1 province 23 stage 4 and the attack arrows (blind) and Drakes special (blind) didnt work 95% of the time.

I stopped counting after 53 hit and only 5 misses between the arrows and Drake’s special being used multiple times playing this stage.

I never really paid attention because I usually farm on easy stages but I’m using non-maxed heroes and decided to use the attack arrows and noticed that they were ineffective. So then I started to pay attention after using Drake’s special and it was the same result.

Has this been an ongoing thing? I mean the attack arrows is listed as “enemies are less accurate for 4 turns” and my particular Drake is “enemies get -35% accuracy for 3 turns” but according to what I witnessed, those numbers are wrong. Now that I think about it the arrow attack “less accurate” is a vague description of how effective it really is and to be quite honest why even have attack arrows as an option when there is no definitive answer on just how effective they are. An enemy should at least miss 1 out of 3 attack hits when Drake’s special is used thus his special lasting 3 turns.

It’s not happening. Is it just me? Is this an ongoing thing and I’m just noticing it today? Is this happening to other players?


let me know…

Wu Kongs ability

I love that these two topics got posted within an hour of each other. One complaining that the miss chance seems too high, the other that it seems too low. The common denominator - true randomness causes longer streaks than people expect, and people tend to notice outliers that affect them negatively.