Attack and defence teams

Is it possible to get a rundown on some good attack and defence teams. Im getting tired of sleeping and being decimated by players 500+ power smaller than me. Thanks in advance

Can you post your heroes?

Its not like we could suggest a different team without knowing all your heroes.

You might think about going with a different order: Zeline, Khagan, Kiril, LJ, Sabina.

It’s tough to try and use Khagan at ascention 2 - If I were to see that, I would definitely attack. Do you have any other 4 stars that you could use while you level up Khagan? Same question for Z.

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I got nothing else but im working on a 3 star team once i get training grounds to lvl 10

You might consider using your Bane in place of one of Khagan or Zeline. They’re just so low level that Bane might be a harder kill. That’s just a feeling though, and maybe the 5* vs 3* is enough to make them more survivable than Bane.

I would still try the order I suggested earlier, tho.

Zeline - Khagan - Boril - Little John - Kiril
once you level them (if you don’t find other heroes)

Actually you could use
Zeline - Khagan - Kiril - Little John - Sabina
as Jalia suggested.


Thanks for the assistance guys. Much appreciated, i have 2 accounts so maybe ill be able to fix my second to suite a little better👍

Agreed, Boril would be a great tank for you, but I think you ought to focus on finishing Kiril first, assuming you have the capes for him…

Kiril first (3^32), then Boril (1^16). I’m not sure their Boril is ready for prime time yet :wink:

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Defence team suggestions?

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