Attack and damage % - can someone explain this to me?

Hi. I’m trying to understand how these two stats work.

Let’s take for example Marjana and Joon. Both are single target, both are fast on mana regen.

Marjana’s attack is 669, Joon has 749. Her attack deals 458% + 282 in DoT. His does 467% and debuffs accuracy.

Am I right thinking that, theoretical enemy defense being 0, Marjana would deal 3346 damage (3064+282) and Joon would deal 3497?

In that case, does this mean Joon is simply a stronger attacking hero while Marjana is harder to kill? I’m not too keen on trusting my math because a) I’m not good at math and b) he looks like much more of a tough guy compared to her in her cloth tunic :stuck_out_tongue:

@mhalttu @Petri

This may be giving away more than you care to. But is this something the devs can explain? It may help settle quite a few arguments about different heroes, having a higher % attack in your special versus a higher attack stat, how defense comes into play, etc.

I don’t think giving this away would hurt anyone. It might satisfy some nerds who are into charts like yours truly though (:

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I don’t know how the damage formula works, but you are right. Joon hits harder but is easier to kill. Marjana does leave a dot which makes her total damage slightly higher in total, unless dispelled. Especially on high defense targets, as the initial damage is lowered by defense stat, but the dot is not. But Joon’s blind compensates for this.

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I dug up this old post on the forum. It was originally about buff stacking. But it also shows how the attack bonuses are applied. :grinning:

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Also, here is a link to the E&P Wiki started by Dragone. There’s some lists generated by a player using MATLAB that breaks down heroes as best by colour, by health, attack, defense, power, overall. It of course can’t take into account the value of certain specials, and needs to be updated for new Heroes of the Month, Easter rabbits, and Pirates. I will post the name of the player to give them credit for the charts as soon as I get it from Dragone.

Thanks @Coppersky This is excellent and helpful information. But I believe what we need is something more like the following:

An attack is based on 3 tile hits of neutral damage from heroes of equal defense and attack stat. (say an average of 100 damage per three tiles)

Damage is affected as the ratio of attack to defense. (hero A with 600 attack does 1.2 times normal damage to a hero with 500 defense, ie, 120 damage)

Thus, a special from a hero with 100% damage will do 120 damage to another hero with defense equal to its attack.

A hero with 512% damage and attack stat of 729 (Max Lianna) would do 449 damage to a hero with 832 defense (Max Thorne)

Thanks for the pointers… these sort of help, but don’t exactly explain the damage numbers we see. But there’s enough info to help determine which characters should do more damage vs others. Appreciate the pointers.

That was all supposition on my part, not based on reality or a statistical analysis. I was trying to give an example of the type of clarification we’d need.

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This probably seems silly, but can someone help me understand how the special attacks work? I’m confused as to how the % of damage is calculated… for example: Sartana deals 452% damage to the target… my question is 452 precent of what? What is this % based on?
Like I said, its probably a stupid question that I should know the answer to, but I don’t and it bugs me… don’t judge me too harshy haha. I appreciate all help!

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Its based on the attack value the hero currently has.

If it has 1000 attack. Then 452% = 4520.
If it has 500 attack. Then 452% = 2260
And so on

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I did some maths and atleast it gets close to next formula with specials:
in my theory defense 1000 would be 100% damage diminsh when 0 def= all damage come this sense Lianna’s special would do ~627 damage to thorne without bonus from troops (729x5.12x0.168=627.06).
Tile damage could be a direct amount of attack per 3 tiles (729 total, per tile 729/3=243avg with defense 0, no troop bonus).

I don’t think it works that way. Because 1000 defense is achievable, and that does not cause you to take 0 dmg from everything.
Someone did research this (and it is somewhere on the forum) and I think the end result was that the formula for damage reduction is something like (0.95-(80/Defense))x100%

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