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I once referred to my husband as my best friend when talking to a girlfriend. She’s said, of course he is, everyone always says that. I define a friend as “who is the first person that I want to share news with, good or bad”?

For me, that’s my husband - which makes him my best friend.


G - Genuinity

I am genuine to most people in my actions and thoughts. But sometimes somehow, people like to think that I have an ulterior motive behind my actions. Now I sometimes think twice about doing something genuinely nice for people. Because when people talk, they don’t talk directly to you to understand your actions. They create and choose their own narrative, which you will never get the chance to respond to until it accidentally comes out and things get clarified.

Having said that, I have reached a point in my (young) life that if people want to know, they can jolly well come and ask me. I dont need to justify my genuine actions.


Absolutely @Pantryraider!

H - Honesty
It’s a quality I value in people. Trust can’t exist without honesty.


I - Intuition

sometimes you just know. I’ve avoided people and situations which have given me bad vibes from the beginning, and been proven right



When my son was small he used to get so upset … “that’s not fair”. I agreed with him. Fairness isn’t always achievable or we’d have justice in all things. Better to learn to accept that!



Those random acts of kindness mean so much. I’ve read stories where people pay for others’ meals in restaurants, or help to pay when someone is short of money at the checkout.

Opening the door for others, letting others go before you, in the pre-covid days, sharing a smile - hard to do with a face mask. At home, there’s a promotion where you can pay it forward, so when you buy a coffee pay for another one so a service worker can enjoy one for free.

Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all showed more Kindness.


LIVE until you die.

I can’t remember when I first heard this but I try to abide by it. It really just means live your life to its fullest. Don’t just sit back watching it passing you by.


Moderation - too much work, too much indulgence, too much sacrifice, they are all bad.


Be natural as in authentic, not absence of clothes :rofl:.
The best friends are those who do not pretend to be anyone else when with you



I’m a natural “think of the worst thing that can happen” kind of person, so I’m usually super prepared. But it can make me worry a lot and think the worst has/will happen.

I’m trying to learn to slow down and assume the best vs the worst. Yesterday our air conditioning went out. IThe first company said they could replace it tomorrow. My son’s father-in-law encouraged me to get 3 quotes. I to I worried about surviving the heat, but the second person who came out found that it was just 2 dead batteries in the thermostat!!!

I am working on looking at best case scenarios in addition to worst…Also on a list of trustworthy repair people!!! Optimism!!!


PATIENCE is a powerful tool. One that I’m not very good at using. Actually this game has shown me that I underestimated how patient I actually am!


The ability to be quiet at appropriate times. I don’t even mean so much in the think before you speak, although that is always helpful! But knowing when your presence is what the other person needs, not just someone rabbiting on to fill in the silence



such a powerful word. Respect for ourselves, respect for each other, respect for animals, respect for our planet …



Being thoughtful is a challenge, especially the way the world is today. Once, when I was a child I was reminded to be thoughtful when a very ugly baby was brought into the room. Everyone was cooing over him and saying how cute he was. My mom held her finger up to her mouth to remind me not to speak my mind. That was also a very thoughtful way for my mom to convey her intentions.

I remember this and endeavor to remain thoughtful in my life, both by not saying anything mean but also in conveying to others what thoughtfulness means.


Oops!!! We missed S!!!

Sabbath. Since my son and I started our little farm, we have been taking the Biblical principle of Sabbath seriously. The Bible says ,”On the seventh day, God rested,” and the 10 commandments call us to “remember the Sabbath Day & keep it holy.” We celebrate our Sabbath on Sunday. We sleep in, then spend about 1 1/2 singing worship songs ( he plays guitar). No matter how exhausted I am from the week, by the time we’re done I feel energized and joyful. We keep the rest of the day holy by relaxing & doing things that tune us in to God. The first time we did it, I realized I had been just sitting watching the birds outside for an hour.

Keeping the Sabbath gives us rest & rhythm, something to look forward to, and it fills us up!:bouquet::woman_farmer:



For me, I’m going to interpret this to mean feeling empathy for another human being. The ability to walk a mile in their shoes, to understand what they are feeling and how to be helpful.


Values. Not specifying any religious framework…could be ‘look after our planet’ ‘ but a set of values underpins lots of things


WALK your own path. The following aren’t my words but the message is good, in my opinion.

It is easy to let peer pressure can make you stray from your own path and follow others.

It is important to march to the beat of your own drummer and avoid that pressure to conform to some popular norm.

You are your own special person and you should follow your own path and reach your own dreams. Not let others dictate the way you live your life

ps: we may need to get creative with X :grin:


X - Xany as in having a lot of energy.

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