AtoZ Category - List before a mod/staff resets the list. (Letter A or mod gets to reset)

That’s a fabulous idea - nachos please

Olive oil for cooking & dipping

Plantain’s kind of like a banana. :pirate_flag::sunglasses:

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Quince jelly - I’ve seen it, never tried it.

Quail eggs are tiny 20 chars

Roast beef is yummy 20

Saveloys or sausages in a hotdog?

Tea for all 20 characters

I went to the bakery and bought a Upside down cake. Yummy yummy

Yum!!! I’m still on the meat course!!

Ok to change the game title to categories vs grocery list?


Sounds good to me that way we don’t have to have Watercress sandwiches.


xacuti masala ( I had to look it up)

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Candied Yams are good southern style. And I am out of likes.
So just figure I am liking everything.

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Zero sugar drinks… Zero flavour too.
Next poster gets to choose the category for the AtoZ challenge.

Unless the next post is a mod / staff member, then they decide the category. That’s what we decided @Joyful818 & @anc1ent1?

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Artichokes for the BBQ?

Oh wait I can decide.

Alby Alby Alby ALBY

(E and P stuff)

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Looks like heroes. Bauchan is a homely little three-star. @Sarah2
Here we go.


Captain Kesteral is my hero listed


Delilah is a little minx

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Elena, the first hero you see.

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Friar Tuck is called to take his place

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