AtoZ Category Game - Part Deux. List before a mod/staff resets us




Umayyad Caliphate… Syria

Yes, I know some of my posts don’t use the word ‘empire’ but Wikipedia has them under a list of empires, so they must be correct! :rofl: :rofl:


Venetian Republic or Republic of Venice or Venetia or Venice(informal) (Republic of Venice - Wikipedia , History of the Republic of Venice - Wikipedia)

I don’t know why do Wikipdia put “Qin dynasty” in “List of empires” (List of empires - Wikipedia). It should be “Qin Empire” but link to “Qin dynasty” page is ok. Yes, they are correct but need a little fix :smile:

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We are a tolerant lot here… we fix ‘big’ errors…laugh at, or let small ones go…We sometimes laugh at the ‘big’ ones too!


Wari Empire


@PM229 was also my thinking! not sure how Qin Dynasty and Qin Empire would differ… ok, Dynasty i think technically refers to the rulers and people, but they also named the empire after them so I thought, for this game, either would be accepted :slight_smile:

@u2371 I guess that’s why I’m a bit confused lol. also Empire of Japan could probably be argued to be either E or J entry :wink: as others said, we’re a tolerant fun-loving bunch so we just want to have fun… while doing our best to stick to the rules of course :wink: but in the end, fun is the most important thing!



Xoxichalco, Mexico

A well-preserved commercial and religious center from the Mesoamerican period!


Ytterby village (Ytterby - Wikipedia, Ytterby: The Village That Chemists Love | Amusing Planet)

It is the place where the first rare-earth element, Yttrium has been discovered in 1787.

(The mine in Ytterby when it was still functioning, circa 1910)

Empire of Japan will be counted as E-start but Japan Empire will be counted as J-start. Since both are official name, so both can be used. :wink:



Z… zulu empire

Suggestion for next… a favourite song or piece of music.

Any genre… may have to be the composer or the title. [eg B or E for the example Beethoven’s Emperor concerto if you have a classical one]

Nice and broad topic


I think we already do many topic like that

Song name

Band name

Album name

We often repeat similar topics…I thought one where we give favourites ie personal opinion, rather than searching to fit a category would be a nice change.
But if someone has a better idea… I just wanted a nice straightforward topic that everyone could enjoy


I agree, and I think a music topic would be a nice change. Have not done one in a while. and also agree, a less technical topic based on opinions and personal preference is nice

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If most people want another music topic, I am ok with it :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll start. I just bought concert tickets for this band at a small club. It was the day after my birthday. Then they moved it to April 2022.


Bad luck, Kaffy. Guess the tickets are now a Christmas present :smile:

Mixing up the genres… my favourite classical piece is Beethoven’s Symphony no 7


Come Away With Me by Norah Jones. (Album and song title, also the name of her tour)

Mrs Z bought us tickets to see her live when she came to NZ a few years back. What a fantastic evening. A real treat that broadened my horizons as I’d never heard of her before then.


My favorite Folk metal/power metal song is Diggy Diggy Hole cover version by Wind Rose. (The original song is written by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon)


Everything I Do… I Do it For You…

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Fields of Verdun by Sabaton is my most favorite song in “The Great War” album.

@littleKAF There is also cover version by Apocalyptica too.

I actually really want to hear Apocalyptica cover “Through the Fire and Flame” by Dragonforce. I really want to know if cello can go that fast or not :rofl:

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George Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue

A wonderful interface between jazz and classical

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