Atomos vs Morgan D Team

Which one is better at defense team, Átomos or Morgan? My ally runs green tanks and I’m using Lianna as a tank… Should I give tonics to which one of them?

This is a rare case where I would advocate Atomos over Morgan. If you need a war tank.

Otherwise, Morgan is a lot of fun and wickedly powerful for offense.

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I was almost giving my tonics to Morgan, but today I pulled an unexpected Átomos

Hmm, and I was just thinking of giving Atomos tonics over Morgan for offense…

I definitely think Atomos is a better tank.

Do you think Morgan is really that great on offense?
My main thinking was wanting to play around with a team consisting of Atomos/Poseidon/Ariel/Ursena. That was more for fun than anything. Is Morgan so good that maxing a hero for fun over her is a bad idea? I’m open to changing my mind.

Congrats on the pull! Atomos used to be a dud pull. So much has changed.


I do. She can kill 3 members almost by herself if you can avoid feeding a healer with tiles.

She’s fast, her tile damage is amazing and I use her on almost every raid.

Agreed…Morgan is much more powerful than I first thought when I got her. But maxed and with some emblems she is a fast vampiric beast. Only way to stop that drain is to kill her. Combined with other DoT like GM or Clarissa (JF, Vela, etc…) and your opponent is a sinking ship.

Here’s my beautiful corpse bride.

Morgan Le Fay <> Lady Locke :slight_smile:

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Whoop same applies. Yes…

Hahaha…just thought you were bragging about your undead Lady as well as your Morgan. The Ladies are deadly…

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Thats what I get for replying while on a conference call…

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