Atomos vs liana

I Have liana and atomos and mats to ascend one. I have liana’s talents on Khagan(going to reset if I ascend liana) and no talents for atomos (gm on 20 talents).
So liana or atomos? And if I ascend atomos all talents that will come should be given to him or to customed azlar?

I can’t think of a case where I’d go atomos over lianna even with the buff.

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Anchor made him A grade after buff. He became rough when I face him at raids. And with almurs defence down to greens he can do massive damage

If it is your first Lianna, all day long, choose her.

If you’re deciding between Atomos and Lianna #2 is where the line gets fuzzy for me.

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It does depend on your playing style and the rest of your typical attack teams.

I think lianna is the more easy-to-play hero and she rocks if talented.

Atomos may have a heavy value if you combine him with somethink like:
Tiburtuscostume, Kunchen + atomos
Wilbur, boldtusk + atomos
Buddy almur + atomos
Kirilcostume, isarnia + atomos

So if you have team setups with heavy “hit all enemies”, that almost guarantee a win if fired all at once…maybe atomos first.

If you are more the type:
8 tiles, all fast snipers have mana, take one enemy down. Repeat.
Then lianna :slight_smile:

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These are my heroes . Also want to ascend one blue and don’t know who.

Okay, so its just what i personally think but:


  1. Isarnia
  2. Ariel #2
    Ariel is just a freak with the manaboost. Even #3 amd #4 could go max for me. Ariel is fine in every team.

Well… maybe lianna. Because almur+lianna+morganlefay seem to be a safe kill everytime you get 8 tiles.

Other opinions may be helpful

Agree in theory but in practice there’s usually one or two heroes you really need to take it right away and then you do it’s a guaranteed win. When one or two has much more value than the rest Lianna is always the way to go


So Insarnia instead of Thorne or Richard even though I have frida and Kiril to boost Thorne’s attack?

To your original question I would say Lianna as I didn’t see any other green sniper.

For blue, I would pick another Ariel unless you are hitting 12-star or higher Titans and need Isarnia’s (relative) toughness. For raiding, almost no one runs red tanks which reduces the need for a 3-blue stack, and you already have Frida and Magni anyway. The green tank popularity just reinforces the relative ineffectiveness of blue primary stacks. Meanwhile, Ariel complements other color stacks perfectly.

I would go Lianna, and Ariel#2, Ariel#3,Ariel#4…

All for Ariel ? You make me think seriously to ascend one more. Although I play 12* titans with wu Kong.

Yes, I think so.

Your mono blue team would look like:
Isarnia kiril frida ariel magni

So there wont be very much alive after you fire all heroes once. Frida and isarnia stack.

so i think that no hero in the game survives magnis sniper shot, buffed by kiril, double lowered defense.

And heavy tile damage at isarnia.

And, not to forget. Isarnia is an A hero in very fast tournaments. And tournaments bring emblems. :slight_smile:

You have Tell, so the benefit of Atomos over Lianna is you can tank him, which you won’t do with Tell.

So Lianna.

And from blue what is your opinion ?