Atomos talent tree help

So I maxed out Atomos only because I had no other barbarian 5* and had 900 emblems. I know ppl say he is trash, but I thought it would be fun till I pulled a better barb. This also makes my 3rd family bonus. I might try him at tank for fun, but not a permanent situation. Is his best route the attack route, or the HP/DEF route? Again he will be on my defense team to test out his potential for tank, flank, wars, etc (I have Zeline at +14 but trying to mix it up). I am wondering which route will be best. Pump up his attack or pump up his defense/hp?


I suspect you’re in uncharted territory putting emblems on Atomos. I’d probably try the attack path to see if you can make him do more that a tickle’s worth of damage


Def/health all the way to ressurect himself multiple times on tank position until some good heroes will be charged.

If he does 190 or 230 dmg per enemy doesn’t make any difference. The more mana the more damage also doesn’t work well with this rare fishmonster.


True story. The dmg increase does not seem as worth it, and since the family bonus of 10% is defense the hp/def route does seem legit. Also, the HP will revive him with more HP with the 33% revive.

EDIT: I was also testing him out at 3-70 after firing buddy and Evelyn and Khiona for the ultimate damage. And he was cleaning house. Now maxed, and +14 talent I feel he might do some real dmg with that combo on offense. Just need some iron to get there.

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Haha! Not quite uncharted :laughing:

@poopcorn - here’s the path I took. I went attack… don’t remember my logic at the time as I normally go defense…

EDIT - Just remembered, I went attack as a lot of his special and his talent has to do with attack b

As a heads up @LadySuzanne, you can zoom out in the talent tree :wink:

Just pinch your fingers together & zoom to the necessary distance :smiley:

Awesome - thanks! Thought I tried that and it didn’t work. I’ve never taken a screenshot of a talent tree, so no idea what I was doing. :rofl:

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