Atomos should I keep this hero

So I have Atomos and Margaret for my 5* green Frida for blue and Elena for red…Atomos is at 2/60 is it worth keeping…I do have triton and mnesseus which is in the same family…should I not eat Atomos just bc of the family buff

Yes! There has been a large enough amount of people asking for changes to him. Aegir is now awesome after enough people complained. Very glad I kept him!

I have not used him in awhile. So what changes have been made to Atomos

Sorry I don’t know what Ageir is?

Sorry. I will make it simple. Keep all 5* character you ever get. Their stats may be changed later to make them better.


Thanks for the info. Much appreciated

Who the f… is thinking of feeding a legend, which isn’t a dupe? Even if he’s not that shiny 5*, I definitely won’t feed him away.


I’d go even farther than that. Don’t feed any 4* heroes unless you’ve already got 2.

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Here is my hero list

yea don’t feed any 5*s. Ever. You never know when they get buffed.

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Should I feed Gunnar or Kailani? But Kailani is already maxed but I do have reset emblems

If you’ve already invested in maxing Kailani, keep her. Maxed 3* heroes are valuable for Raid Tournaments and potentially alliance wars.

I feed duplicate 3* heroes, but keep at least 1 of each maxed 3* hero.


I would keep Gunnar for sure, he’s one of the best heroes for raid tournaments that limit you to 3* heroes.

  • Buff booster rule: he gives 2 buffs to all allies, meaning +40% attack as well.
  • Very fast: becomes a fast and durable support or tank for defense
  • Bloody battle: holds team together during both offense and defense

His stats are also much better than Kailani’s. Highest defense and best durability overall out of all 3* heroes.

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