Atomos Revived too soon - Working as Intended

I was just in pvp, and there it happens that panther killed atomos , and instead of reviving at the end of the turn, he revived immediately, to then be ended by lianna and gravemaker within the same turn. That can’t be right, right? No video unfortunately…

Atomos third bulleted special reads:

If the caster dies during the next 5 turns, they are resurrected in the beginning of their next turn with 32% health. All status effects are removed when the caster dies.

Is this not what had happened?

Correct this is not what happened. I had three opponents left, all full with mana. Panther hit Atomos (my last hero standing), he immediately resurrected within the turn, and gravemaker and lianna then finished it off, game over. I have never seen this before, and play atomos a lot as he was my first 5* and i like him

Ahh… you are expecting GM and Lianna using their skills on a ghosting Atomos thereby wasting their skills, right?

That’s what normally happens :slight_smile:
Have not been able to reproduce it, will try some more but since that one time he behaves as expected again…

Thank you for reporting, we were able to confirm this is indeed a bug. I will post know when we have a fix.

[EDIT] Upon further investigation we have confirmed this is not a bug and is working intended. Guardian Panther dispels which dispelled the Revive on Atomos.


Thanks for answering :slight_smile: don’t quite understand it though as the dispell is after the damage. But I will monitor it and make a Video in case it Happens again :+1:

Make at least 2 videos. One where it shows what is usual with Atomos. And the second is one where the alleged bug is clearly shown.

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Will do - if it happens again at all

I did a test on Tyr who has the same revive and killing him with Seshat and Kage. It work as expected with him reviving after the turn when killed by Seshat and not reviving when killed by Kage. Are you sure he was actually killed when hit by Panther? Otherwise he would have been dispelled then killed by the next hits. It could have been a visual bug where it showed him as dead before all the specials finished.

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might be, that would explain it at least indeed. hard to test, panthers are rare : )

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