Atomos Ressurection – does he revive with mana?

When atomos revives will he come back with mana? I don’t feel he’s a great hero but if you charged him up and let him sit charged, he could come back ready to hit again.

Heroes do indeed revive with the same state of mana they died with.

Related, but separately:

Atomos is distinctive, though, for shedding status effects when reviving. Other methods of revive actually keep those intact, like Alberich, Mother North, and the Fighter Talent.

For buffs that’s unfortunate. But for ailments it’s a notable benefit.


Thank you very much!

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I do believe Mother norths Rez returns heroes without debuffs

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@Garanwyn is investigating that and thinks he found an example of a debuff clear by Mother North on resurrection.

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Looks correct. At 1:52:20 in this video, a Christmas Tree dies with Azlar’s DOT on, and gets revived with no DOT.

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Now we just need proof that it’s not just the thing where debuffs don’t show when they’re going to die that turn from it.

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From what I recall, that was added in v19 or shortly before that (debuffs not Appearing when they would die). I was always under the impression that the fighter talent was the special case, the only thing that retained debuffs post resurrection. I don’t have Alberich though so not sure if his functions differently, but I don’t think I’ve seen it when attacking him.

I’m keeping an eye out on Raids now to try to observe it. It seems odd that Atomos would specify when the others don’t if it works the same way, but maybe they just wanted to clarify now that Fighter Talents exist.

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