Atomos or Yunan for a green war tank?

I’ve been agonizing over this one for a month, which of these 2 would you prefer for a war tank? I don’t have Telly or Heimdall obviously (or any other greens), and this would be my first maxed green 5*.

Pros for Atomos: More usable on offense and other aspects of the game. I’d probably pair him with Triton at least at first for a small def bonus. He’s fun. I might give him emblems at first, but I think I would prefer giving them to Kage once I finally get his tabards (only have 3).

Pros for Yunan: Much tankier, I could give him fighter emblems from my BT. Not sure how usable he would be outside of tank, but I do think I should prioritize having the best tank.

I’m personally leaning towards Yunan because he might fit that niche better, but I have seen the opinion that Atomos would be better as well.

Any input would be appreciated, here’s my roster.

One thing I would not do is remove emblems from BT. If tank is your only concern, go Yunan. However, Atomos is more usable elsewhere. Enjoy that first maxed Green!

Both are good. Yunan is a great tank. If you’re going to use him long term on your defense team and war defense, throw every emblem you can on him for better results. Boldy is ok w no emblems or 3 for a little defense help. But as you grow to a more advanced player, Boldy will remain ok, but his importance may fade for you. I still use him on a red mono, and he’s fine with less emblems. I removed all but 3 long ago to better use elsewhere.

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I am assuming that you are playing in a mid-stage or training alliance based off your roster.

In your shoes, I would choose the hero that you will get the most all-around use out of. At this stage of your game journey, you need to maximize your heroes for titans, events, and challenges. The sooner you are able to complete all events, challenges, etc; the sooner your mat issues start to go away and you can begin leveling specific heroes for specific or niche roles.

For lower-tier alliances (not derogatory, just in the realm of alliances) most 5* heroes will work just fine at tank.


Thanks for the input. I’d maybe call my alliance a little higher than mid? Working towards coordinated green tanks, 193k alliance score, 10* titans. I’m getting B rank on those titans over half the time I’d say, otherwise C.

I believe I should be able to complete all events now, this past month was the first time I had completed a challenge event (used a red stack and Gullin, or Gullin/Cyprian), so this wouldn’t necessarily be for events. I think I can do all content now.

In that case, the right tank is important. So my vote would go to Yunan. Though I have to admit, I barely faced him yet since he is so rare. And since the buff Atomos might not be a much worse alternative. With the revive he can be quite sturdy and annoying.

I’m in a similar ranged alliance and I think war defense is a very important factor. I emblemed up my Aegir instead of Clarissa only for that reason (Glad we just switched to green tanks though).

@Cvs is absolutely right about that. But I doubt that the choice between the two heroes in question would have a real high impact on that. So in this case I would put more weight on AW defense.

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Atomos is a better tank than Yunan IMO.

I’m fully serious too when I say that. The recent buff made him a really nasty hero to set his skill off in tank spot.

I would go with him.


Thanks for the advice, I definitely want to put forth a strong defense.

I think I can clear everything, so that’s not a problem anymore.

Haha this happens every time, making my decision tough. How about emblem wise? Would you still prefer Atomos with no emblems over a Yunan with? Unless maybe I should just commit to Atomos tank with defensive emblems, and leave Kage with some leftovers once he’s maxed.


Whoever you choose as your tank will get emblems as using a tank without emblems in war can let opponents KO your team more regularly.

So in this case, I’d go with whoever you are capable of giving emblems to first. If that’s Yunan, then I’d go with him. I can definitely understand wanting to give Kage emblems over Atomos.

Both are really good tanks at the end of the day so just go with whoever you can spare emblems to – though my opinion is still that Yunan is slightly worse than Atomos.


Are ftp, c2p or rather ptw?

Asking cause, looking at your roster, I ask myself how your whole defense team is going to look like and what your chances are to get better alternatives.

With your current roster I think, you would wanna put Kage in your defense as soon as he is maxed. Then Yunan is the better choice to avoid a conflict with emblems. But currently your best red option would be BT as your red hero. But you could also level Kelile and use Kiril as your healer. With yellow I see no other options than using Malosi. Another Barbarian but will do in the wing without emblems until you have a better option.

In general I think Malosi would be totally worth emblems due to his versatility in raids, btw. But he can still be quite useful in offense even without (his survivability is mediocre without, but not too bad. Mine is on 7 right now and will share the 14 talents I will strip from Azlar with Kong soon.)

EDIT: Of course you could even choose Atomos and emblem him and put Kage and Malosi both without emblems in the wings. In that case your abilities to make your team stronger will be pretty limited)

Thanks for the reply, I’m c2p, have ViP and gotten the valor passes, and just maybe a couple cheap offers a month. Been playing 6 months, and my TC20s suck, would really like some more 5*s from there (1/65 so far). I definitely want to use Kage on defense once maxed, but tabards hate me. 3 of them and have gotten at least 6 of all the other mats.

I’m thinking about the same as you, Yunan can get my fighter emblems, BT is tanky enough without w/ his costume bonus. I’ll leave Malosi unemblemed and will put them on Kage when he’s maxed. I may run Malosi/ C Rigs/Yunan/Triton/Sumle for the time being once I max Yunan.

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Yep, I am the same. Take care though, Valor + VIP + these few cheap offers can quickly add to actually-not-that-cheap-to-play anymore without one really noticing it. Talking from experience.

Back to topic: I’d choose Sonya over Triton. Triton is too squishy. Never faced Sumle on defense. Not sure how well she works an AW def. Maxed her, but only for raid tournaments. Barely used her yet. Could work for now and I think sooner or later you will get a better option anyway.

Not sure who I would pick. Both great heroes for sure. Maybe I would emblem both to lvl 7 and decide than who I is going to get more.

I think Yunan can be argued as the third best green tank behind Telly and Heimy. If tank is what you are after, go Yunan. And I would give him the emblems.

So, how does that work? How can you selectively remove certain number of talent nodes on a hero and still leave a +3 to that hero? Or do you mean you totally strip the hero of all emblems on it and later on add talent nodes until it went to +3?

@Classicalz Ascend Yunan. He may not damage as much as Atomos, but he is far tankier than the Atlantis nature legendary. He will serve as your best war tank since tanks should be sturdier and beefier than most of the hero in your roster. Besides, you can emblem him the most since your Barbarian emblems may have a conflict with Kage and Atomos, while Fighter emblems can be reallocated to Yunan since only BT is having it (you can re-emblem BT easier later since 4 star heroes are cheaper to emblem). Fighter class is a better class in tanking than Barbarian class, most of the time anyway.

Thanks, just I’ve also seen the argument that Atomos is the 3rd best behind those 2 lmao. I do think they’re 3 and 4 one way or the other, and I’m leaning towards Yunan.

I assume he meant later talenting to 3. And thanks for the analysis, Yunan does seem to have perfect stats for a tank. Slow may be a little rough in this meta, but it’s a rather punishing special. I do think I’ll strip BT when I max Yunan, although I think I’m sadly only looking at 6 or 7 talents on him once I do so, definitely an issue when I haven’t been playing for particularly long.

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Definitely more Atomos even purely for tank. His special will go off on a regular board with more heroes mostly full, then he keeps defending the flanks by reviving

I use Yunan+18 as a tank so he works well. I suggest Yunan as a tank.

Quite a tough choice indeed. I was leaning towards Atomos at first then to realise that Yunan has quite a nice stat to begin with before emblem. And being a fighter class, his def at 815 is very high.


speed and revival is plus imo
also zim cleanses doesnt dispel :slight_smile:
red dispellers? nope

so i would go with Atomos

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Yunan cause both are great tanks and you can emblem him and kage then and put both on your defence.