Atomos invisible

While fighting Atomos I killed him so all enemies were killed. Atomos disappeared enemy side all blank but I had to keep letting tiles go off in the space where Atomos was s s until it came up with victory.

This sounds like it may be something with his revive skill. I’d look around for another Atmos team and try to replicate.

Unfortunately, if there’s no screenshots then it didn’t happen :unamused: (Well, it DID happen but there’s no way to determine WHAT happened… lol)


How does one kill Atomos in Province 25 in the last fight? He keeps on resurrecting and I have killed him ~ 8 times before deciding not to spend any more gems. Please help?

Correction…we fight him in Province 26.

Reduce his mana and/or freeze his charging to prevent him from casting his annoying special.

AH…that’s GREAT ADVICE…thank you!

I was fighting Atomos in Province 27 stage 3. I killed him and he revived but did not reappear finally after shooting 4 different sets of tiles he reappeared. Here’s a pic of him missing

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How strange. Did the tiles hit him, or just ghost?

In any event, you should definitely submit a support ticket on that if you haven’t already, so SG can look into it. Here’s how to do that:

I’d make sure to include the picture and the province info.

The tiles did hit. Although I don’t know if he recieved any damage. I’ll submit a support ticket

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Here is movie with this bug

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