Atomos invisible in raid

I just raided a team that included atomos. He fired his special, I killed him and he revived. After reviving I killed him after 2 turns along with another hero.
They both died but I didn’t win. I kept firing gems and specials with my 2 remaining heroes at a blank field. Then suddenly atomos appeared and killed my two heroes causing me to lose


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Dead heros are being revived with buffs. I’ve lost 2 raids today because of this. When a hero is dead, how can they gain buffs?

Maybe it is because of this:

There is a known visual bug. FYI.

He was resurrected, then I killed him again two turns later but instead of dying he became invisible.

I filed a bug report but was told it isn’t a bug because it hasn’t been reported by others.

Was his special active when you killed him the second time? If so, the bug I reported goes beyond Revive by fighter talent! You may want to reference the Known Issue linked above when reporting the bug again

Don’t bother filing any bug report about this. They have told me in multiple replies that there is no bug.
In other words, what happened to me didn’t happen.
This is there latest response after I told them 3 times that atomos, after reviving in which case his special is not active anymore, became invisible and killed my two remaining heroes.
They won’t explain to me what happened but just that there is no bug. I also included my screenshot from above showing an empty field, but it didn’t happen.

I even sent them links from the forum where the same thing happened to others but there is no bug.

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