Atlantis: Why no outposts?

I would like to hear the developers’ response to this question.

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Fighting on “uncivilized” land.

Needs to colonize before outposts can be set up. :rofl:


Instead of “outpost”, how about for each level we fight against a 5* or 4* atlantis hero (Tarlak, Misandra, etc) in a Dark Lord type fight. But make it hard, so that it’s a tough fight for a 4000 TP team. Since it’s so hard make it optional towards progression to the next level.

Bumped for more exposure. This is a great question. More food! #FeedTheMasses

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The game is called Empires & Puzzles after all.

We have Empires to build!!!

I guess I’m a little confused. It’s an interesting question, but in what way is it a bug?

Not a Bug, but I suppose it could be considered an Issue.

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I’ve moved it over to #ideas-feature-requests to better reflect the request.

It would be great to have more production in the watchtower based upon S2 progression.

Good idea.

Maybe by season 3, the season 2 provinces will have had time for some outposts to be built. Right now those undead privateers and kitsunes have not put any effort into building any outposts.

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