Atlantis Token Counter not updating/didn't receive my tokens for S2 Hard Lost Lagoon

Playing through S2 Hard for the first time trying to collect as many tokens as possible before the next Atlantis.

I just went through and played/beat several levels and completed S2:9 Lost Lagoon. But the token counter on the main map didn’t update to show 80/80, the rewards were not tracked into the recent history, and I did not receive the loot/tokens. If I click back into Lost Lagoon, all levels are showing 8/8 tokens.

and yes, I have tried restarting everything.

I am certainly now worried that I have been missing out on tokens…also, it is killing my OCD having 8/8 on everything, but the main tracker not being right… but that is beside the point.

Happy to provide Screenshots if needed.

Thanks for the help!

I read this to mean you checked your Recent Activity Log on the Support menu, and there was no entry there at all for one of the levels you completed.

If that is so, I would recommend you submit a support ticket, including the approximate time the level was completed. If you can isolate which particular level produced no loot by using the Recent Activity Log, I imagine that would help SG a lot.

In case you need it, here’s how to submit a support ticket:


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