Atlantis thematic troops

Hi all.

We still have only basic troops avaiable for summon tokens or epic troop token.

So, this is the point: add new, thematic troops avaiable to buy with atlantis coins. There I have an idea to make troops connected with families - laguna troop beside normal stats might get more damage or another boost for heroes from laguna family.

The best way I think is to get the troop an oppsite boost to family bonus:

  • Laguna troops - decreases enemy attack -3%/-6%/-10%/-15% for 2/3/4/5 members of family
  • Atlantis troops - decreases enemy defense -5%/-10%/-15%/-120% for 2/3/4/5 members of family
  • Sakura troops - decreases enemy mana regeneration -2%/-4%/-7%/-12% for 2/3/4/5 members of family.

Because of getting a great boost for team and gives more possibilities I think there should be one VERY IMPORTANT REQUIREMENT:

This solves a matter, that players don’t create a team of the same family.

I feel it would be nice to have some changes to troops. They are one of the more important parts of the game and it seems they are too hard to come by and take the longest to train. Yet there’s no troop of the month or something cool scheme wise for the troops? Let’s add more love for the troops!

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