Atlantis Summons – Results & Discussion [November 2018 through February 2020]

Atlantis rise too much difficult

So, I’m really hoping to pull Delilah this Atlantis. She looks really strong! Her card says: recovers 33% health for all and summons a guardian minion for each ally with 13%HP and 16% attack.

For how many turns are the minions active? Her card doesn’t specify. I was told they fire every turn but just how MANY turns would that be? :thinking::slight_smile:

until they get killed.

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Oh! Coolness!!! How surprising :slight_smile:

OK continue from yesterday pull, after I complete Season 2 hard mode, yes actually not have so much flask, so my goal is just continue and finish this Season 2, because rumor shortly Season 3 is coming sooner, so… why not doing this in AR… ok back to topic now.
Have 600 coins, so 6x pull.
1st pull:

Very nice… well, actually already have Vivica maxed, but 5* healer avarage is worth alot of course. Others 5xpull are feeder. No HoTM so far… not bad…
Goodluck everyone :+1:


Likely the last time I’ll ever pull in Atlantis and this is the one I was saving up for, thankfully it didn’t disappoint


Nice pulls! Don’t rush to ascend those Mok’s too quickly :wink:


Thank you. He was like… the lucky charm in those pulls haha. Each started with a little disappointment, then a healer I needed, then a classic red. Odd. First Elena also, so that was cool.

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So I mentioned having enough gems left over for one more 30-pull. Well, with one hour of AR remaining, I suddenly felt like Delilah was calling for me, right beyond the gate. I had a similar calling the Teltoc before last where Panther was calling for me and I scored her in one last 10-pull. So I did one final set of thirty, and…

First out of the gate, there she was! If I was beyond elated before, I don’t even know what I am now. Having pulled Guardian Gazelle this last Teltoc from a coin pull (my luck is insane, I know), what the mono yellow Gazelle team I’ve slowly been putting together has been desperately yearning for has been a yellow healer – preferably average speed at that. After January’s soul crushing Atlantis pulls, I was truly blessed this month. Certainly one of the best Atlantis gates ever.


@mahi14 what us your trouble? It’s actually no different than any other day, but cheaper!!! This may not be the right thread, but is there any help you need with something?

I wanted Delilah, but she didn’t come to me. I got Frida and JF though, so no complaints.

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Wasn’t expecting Atlantis to rise so early, 3 summons gave me…


All of which I already had multiples of :cry:

Took about 65 hacks total.

WAAAY more than usual for me, and more than I intended to spend, but I justified it my thinking Frida, Del, and Ariel were all in the same featured group–all are heroes I don’t have, and all fill a role that would significantly improve my roster. A little rare for me at this stage of the game.

Horghall and on JF were my only grabs.

A second Horg dropped from TC 20 this morning, and my collection of kindling for JF to warm himself with grows.

Alas, it seems like 5 star healers outside of Graz will continue to evade me. :pensive:

376 pulls through last two Atlantis. One dupe mitsuko (.3%) and Mok-AR (1.3%). For those who didn’t know, apparently Mok is misunderstood and quite a great hero…:call_me_hand:

@Aabbott21 I use Frida +3 and Sonya +20 in my blue team on offense. Fantastic pairing. I just love them!

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