Atlantis Summons – Results & Discussion [November 2018 through February 2020]

hi people!

all my Atlantis summons have been non-Atlantis heroes.
I’ve had 4 summons, i got 2 x Jahangir a Graymane and a Bane… like if i didn’t spend money on it i wouldn’t think much of it. but i think that’s kinda crap.

what gives?
is that the kind of shenanigans i’m to expect?
i’m genuinely asking without being too snide, as i’m a paying customer…
is that just “the way she goes”?
I understand there is an apparent 5% chance to summon 5 star heroes, but in the Atlantis summon, what percentage of summons actually have anything to do with Atlantis?

in the last costume event i summoned 5 heroes, i received 3 x Brienne and 2 x Rigard.
either my luck genuinely is crap, or the algorithm isn’t so random.
like i say, I genuinely want to know, i don’t mean to lose my ■■■■, it just seems a bit dodgy.

45 pulls, no 5*-s. Seems all my luck was spent in January. Trying to hold myself back from spending more and saving for S3.


Did about 300-350 pulls for Hel/Zel combined, no luck. But today’s 12 pulls went much better:

Screenshot_20200207-195437692 (1)

Screenshot_20200207-195237206 (1)



I used 300 coins and did 3 summons: Triton, Wilbur, Prisca

Triton and Wilbur are both duplicates but i will keep.

Very happy about Atlantis Rises coming early, even if unannounced. I’ve never had the urge to pull for a HotM as soon as the month rolls over, but this month with Jean-François that has happened. Normally I’d never again do pulls during Avalon since I already have Guin, Arthur and Lady and most certainly don’t feel like chasing the elusive Black Knight, but this month I did plan to do pulls until I got either JF or one of the event heroes, even if a duplicate. Now with AR arriving before Avalon, I was able to spend my gems on pulls I much rather spend them on.

For me this month’s featured heroes were – aside from Mok-Arr obviously – very enticing. Ariel is the last Atlantis hero I’m missing, and while I have Arthur who is a titan slayer, on raids Frida would be a better fit for my blue mono team. If we don’t count Guin and Onatel, I’m still missing a yellow healer, so obviously Delilah would be a great addition to my roster. Lastly Jean-François… I’ve been waiting a long time for him. I was not going to let February pass without him being in my roster.

So let’s see the results.

Needless to say I’m beyond elated! Frida was a really nice pull, but Ariel was the perfect way to say goodbye to Atlantis and welcome season III. This was the perfect salve to heal my wounds from last month’s Atlantis where I did way more pulls and got absolutely nothing (aside from Vela). Delilah can stay in the gate; maybe costume Vivica will get featured this month, who knows. Anyway, with Ariel finally in the bag, I’m officially done with Atlantis for good. Bring on season III!


Isn’t the game anniversary this month? Perhaps the schedule is to give us 100 coins so we can pull Ariel and J-F. Or they could just give us the heroes directly :partying_face:

What I really want is Ariel, Delilah or Frida…
4x coins pull: Berden, Muggy, Hawkmoon and Ishhtak.
Next, let see 30xpull:

2nd Poseidon, and 2nd Ursena which is not in featured :man_facepalming:

Next, 10xpull:

All feeder, no HOTM so far, will wait next day, Avalon and Costume…
Goodluck everyone :+1:


How many pulls did it take to get these three? Congrats btw. I did 60 and got nothing

at least you got something bro…
I have done nearly 150 atlantis pulls in all my EyP lifetime to get only one five star (thankfully it was Ariel) from this portal.
Hope you better luck next time, but I would be pumped with one Ursena and one Poseidon, even more if it was only on one 30 pull!


Didn’t count, but I think around 50 pulls.

Only kept Proteus and frida out of my 30 pull, others kept were obviously Kage, Proteus (up to 5 now), Triton (second), Delilah and Quintus. Happy that I didn’t get any more bonus draws to add to my JF twins. Leaves me with Avalon to attempt summons for later this month.

This now brings my total 5* count to 35, so getting to a point where I’ll probably stop summoning (at least this heavily) for a long while… lots to level up now.


Here are all the pulls I did.

So 123 in total. I know there’s going to be like one person out there who got all featured heroes plus the HotM in one 10-pull, but I’d say I got extremely lucky. I was still left with enough gems for one more 30-pull, but that didn’t end up being necessary.


Decided for a 30x pull… Got Domitia, Frida, dups of Wilbur & Proteus and bonus chests gave me Tabbard & Rings… Extremely happy with Frida, elemental def down is the most useful skill imo…



Close to 100 pulls and not 1 5*. W.t.f

From 12 summons got duplicate (quadruplicate) Triton, Kelile no. 1524454545455 and 3* otherwise. On the other hand I got TWO Tomes of Tactics, so kinda mixed feeling.

I am saving my gems for Avalon, but did three coin pulls and got a duplicate Gobbler, Prisca, and Melia. Happy to get Melia as my Holy roster is absolutely dire and she looks pretty good.

Got my chest opened too and got Mystic Rings which is great since I have more Fire 5* heroes than any other colour, so every one of those will help in the future.

Well, after a little over 100 pulls with nothing, I used my last single gem pull I had and…

Been wanting this guy forever! It still sucks he’s the only 5* in 100+ pulls, but I am very happy to have him. I needed a good purple. He and Ursena are the ones I wanted most, but Ursena eludes me.


Just bought the £9.99 deal for Gems, Coins, Loot tickets and WE Flasks.
Did 3 pulls with the coins and got Kailani, Namahage… and a 4# Gadeirus. my first one so that;'s good and fine for me. Used all flasks and tickets instantly lol. I love me some adventure kits!

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Have Wilbur and Proteus, But getting her and Jean made me happy this month. She will replace my +19 sonya most likely for my defense.


Finallly woooop!

Very happy :beer::hotdog::pineapple::hamburger::meat_on_bone::fries::poultry_leg::pizza::beer:
Wonderful feast :wink:



Isn’t she a cutie! It’s true, you ARE gonna need a lot of mats and experience to ascend her…but it’s definitely worth it! She might be a bit squishy betimes but keep plugging along and you’ll see what a wonderful hero she becomes once maxed…and then talented! Mine’s 20 and she’s the Apple of my eye. :wink::blush:

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