Atlantis Summons – Results & Discussion [November 2018 through February 2020]

No! I think they need to change the RNG system for summons! Odds are so low… and i don’t wanna talk about the moment when you got a 5* hero… that moment is just the beginning of the road… so much time for fully max him… so i don’t understand why odds are so low… oh! I do!.. money…:cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

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My mistake! You’re right!Will not be repeated!!

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You should put your money on lottery that day​:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

I was pleasantly surprised to finally pull Wilbur (still waiting on you, Proteus), but the summon I was most pleased to bring home this month was my mini “Joon”

Mariam Juniper

Thankfully we have all the mats to ascend her, but it’s going to take a lot of feeders and experience to get her to final ascension.


4th pull!


Finally found Kunchen (68th pull) too! Agwe is also new, everyone else was a dup, out of those I only kept Proteus (3rd), Triton (2nd) and Wilbur (4th who I may feed, like I’ve done before). Very happy with results this round.


Just one ten pull and wham

Would have been disappointed if Vela hadn’t hopped on through. She’s my second HOTM which is ridiculous considering I’ve spent less than 10 nzd (6 usd) on this game.

My Mrs did one too and got Zeline. We’ve been saving for months for this. Should have 3000 again around June.


Did like 12 single pulls. I don’t think I got them all, but meh.

Kinda excited about Tony Danza because I need him for rogue class trials. And second Melia who can be pretty gnarly on bloody battle. And second Wilbur isn’t the worst.


No Vela… I do need another blue 5, but I can hold out a little bit, I need a killer…


Here’s what I dont get…you do a 30 pull and get 8 Muggy, 6 Hematage, 5 Melia, 2 Amelonia(ghost chick whatever her name is) 2 Gato, a Kash and a few other rares. With season 1 and Atlantis available how do you get so many copies of the same junk heros? They say random, but 8 Muggys? I got hosed!

Not so bad…


Only 1 Prisca… I would definitely say not bad at all! lol

Not to mention Kunchen + Misandra. I’d be happy with this pull.
I got 2 Prisca just from 11 pulls haha

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I woulda traded one of mine for Poseidon


From 24 pulls I got Vela (yay) and 4th Isarnia. I really hope that Hero Academy does something useful. Vela though is already fun to use in stages even at 1/1 - her special has nice animation and she is cute. Plus she kinda fits that Atlantis theme. One can say she fits even more than some supposedly Atlantis heroes (Namahage? Yeah, he just screams ‘Atlantis’ …). Though I need 5* healer. But I got BT’s costume and with +19 he can substitute for the time being, heh.

I beat you!. 7 single pulls 5 chochin -.-’

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Only did a single 10 pull and gonna stop while Im ahead since I already have Kunchen and Misandra.


Why…why ohh why. anyone but him :frowning:


dw, you’ll get that Atomos next time :slight_smile:


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