Atlantis Summons – Results & Discussion [November 2018 through February 2020]

Congrats, great pull (the second of course). Kage never hypnotized me, thats why i have 2 and no tarlak, cause thats the one i want :laughing:

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Gratz! I personally love Inari and Mitsuko because not only are they beautiful but also more fun and less straightforward than most other heroes. Just my two cents, but as someone who recently maxed Kage and gave him emblems, he’s honestly been a bit disappointing on offense. On defense he always recks me if I’m not careful, but on offense I find that my emblemed Seshat tends to outperform him in most matches. Therefore I wouldn’t feel too bad about missing out on him, and it’s not like he won’t be available ever again.


Well, Atlantis is winding down and I’ve done 100 pulls with only 2 Atomos and a dupe Missandra to show for it (did get a tabard from the chest).

I know January 2020 offers objectively better heroes but I really just wanted Onatel so badly … sigh. Ah well. Neith nerf this is all your fault! LOL. :rofl:

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Topped up to fill the chest before Atlantis closes… got a tome of tactics, urgently needed… and this dude…


I wanted keep my coins for next month. Because I already have hotm, but I did one more pull.


I know right?!!

I always got the ones that I don’t need yet the one that I seriously want have always eluded me.

Like Seshat… I tried so hard to get her. Nope… not a single one appear. But my alliance mate did a single 30x pulls and got himself not one but two Seshat. And then a few single pull with coins and got himself another one. Three Seshats!! :scream:

You know what…

Your comment is just what I needed right now! I have been extremely frustrated for not getting Kage with all these summons.

I seriously need to tone down on summoning spree like this. Has been hard on my wallet to a scary level but each month I want to just stop… I find that I couldn’t. Demm Kage dude always glaring at me with his Very Fast and 450% Special attack… :joy:

Most farming I ever did in this game was this AR, I leveled 3 times, and built 36 days in TC2. Pulled Natalya. Great run this weekend.


That’s incredible man, I’m happy for you. Your change in luck prompted me to do one more 30x…really wish I didn’t as it was all trash :persevere:. I did like 90 pulls and didn’t even get a classic 5*. A Grimble though…

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Congrats! I know how that lack of self control can be…glad you finally got a worthy pull out of it.

Lol,poor you, atamos rocks, and you complain?!

Well i am in the same boat, I am done with pulls, ended atlantis levels this month, and after many months of atlantis pulls and not one 5* besides tarlak and the shark, this december will mark my begining as a f2p. I reached the point of seeing many €€ being drop and not heroes comming in. Will only do a ten pull in guardins to try for jackal and thats it. Will enjoy the f2p ride :slight_smile:


Looks like my Atlantis luck followed me to my monster chest


Congrats @Kusanagi87 with your pulls especially Onatel, I’ve yet to pull any 5* from Atlantis other than Ursena a few months ago.

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Well if he works for your team, then congratulations. He isn’t a good fit in my roster.

Πολυ τυχερος !Την έχω και είναι φοβερη!

Moderator translation: Very lucky! I have it and it’s awesome!

Καλημέρα φίλε μου, επιτέλους η πρώτη μου 5* healer…

Moderator translation: Good morning my friend, finally my first 5 * healer…

Η αύξήση μανα μόνο και μόνο είναι όλλα τα λεφτά!Ότι ο Rigard επιπέον η μανα!Η καλύτερη 5* healer in game! Όπως καταλαβένεις άμεση αναβάθμιση!!

Moderator translation (provided by garbled Google): Raising a man alone is all the money! That Rigard is the next man! The best 5 * healer in game! As you understand immediate upgrade !!

Μόλις έρθουν τα τηλεσκόπια εννοείται, δεν το συζητώ.

Moderator translation: Once the telescopes come on, of course, I’m not discussing it.

Demm I feel bad for sharing my lucky pulls… :man_facepalming: :fearful: I sincerely hope your luck will turn around the next Atlantis. I know exactly how it feels doing 90x to 100x Atlantis Pulls every month and only got Ursena, Leonidas and Sartana while other people doing just 30x a month within the same duration got way too much 5* they don’t even have enough mats to use on.

Sometimes it feels like there’s a secret favoritism running in the background of those RNG.

This turn of luck though won’t change my plans of turning to F2P side soon… the next time Kage’s gaze going to hypnotize me I will just re-read what @Utkuak had said about Kage though. :joy:

The struggle is real lol …

Thanks by the way…

Will follow in your footstep soon… but like you I will go for Jackal as well. The lack of 4* Yellow is having its toll on my Purple Titan score. Chao and Li Xiu aren’t just gonna cut it.


Same situation with you… only Ursena since I started seriously pulling in Atlantis in June (never did Atlantis before that because I was still new then)… my luck only started turning last week though… thanks by the way.


No worries man, happy to see your luck turn around. I need to lock my phone at night as it’s way too easy to get carried away lol.

Wish it didn’t have to cost so much to be taught to appreciate the good heroes I do already have :man_facepalming:t2:

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