Atlantis Summons – Results & Discussion [November 2018 through February 2020]

Ty! Had her levelled and emblemed already but won’t complain of a dupe!

I have Ursena leveled but still trying (hoping) to pull Natalya (or even Kageburado, Poseidon or Mitsuko) during this Atlantis event. But, if not, there’s always next month, LOL

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Another month no Tarlak, oh well

Danza is alright! I have two! One maxed one 3/60.
Sure I don’t bring him out on many raids,but always use If I’m stacking holy and use in war.
Just cos he freezes sometimes he gets a bad rap but when the other two go off they both benefit your whole team!! Plus is quite Tankie play with him he ain’t too bad!

Originally hadn’t intended to do any pulls this Atlantis since I already have Kage, but ended up giving it a shot anyway and this happened.


I’m trying to get Wilbur and/or Proteus. But instead last month I pulled both Evelyn and Perseus. This month I pulled Onatel. Still no Wilbur nor Proteus.

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I did 31 pulls only 20 whit gems, and I received a second Poseidon… This is good or bad? What do you say?

Hi @Osmin, isn’t it so ironic that you are looking for 2 heroes (Wilbur and Proteus) that I’ve had for a few months and I tried pulling both Evelyn and Perseus but was unsuccessful and hoping to pull at least one 5* (Onatel being one I hope to pull) and you’ve already pulled them…? LOL


Did one 30 pull this time :


Hi @Ayasha, and welcome to the E&P community forum. WOW!…congratulations on a very-very impressive pull! You pulled both previous heroes of the month (Natalya and Onatel), the current hero of the month (Grimble), and Kageburado (Atlantis 5*), and Leonidas (legendary 5*), and, and…! I’m not sure how long you’ve been playing, but that is some kind of luck!… well done on your part.

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Graymane, Renfeld AND Prisca. Wow, who did you cheese off?

continue… after I get Onatel on 30xpull…
now will try 4xpull feeders, and 10xpull, let see…

Atomos! :sweat_smile: :man_shrugging:
I hope he will be buffed.


Just feeders for others​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I play for 10’ish months now. And i almost fell off my chair while watching this pull … And i know its probably an once in a lifetime pull,


That’s so awesome! I’m glad you saved and shared because it’s impressive: 11 (4* and 5*) heroes of 30, very few dupes, and over half of the 30 are only from the Atlantis event. This is the kind of pull that helps me (and I believe many others as well) to stay hopeful and motivated with pulling heroes.
“Ya just never know…” :smiley:

Almost perfect, you just need to do another for Atomos. :grin:

Couldn’t resist one more 10x pull… there just isn’t any worthwhile yellow on the menu for couple months, I had to try for that Onatel to buff my weakest color…

I got… freaking Atomos. At least the chest had the last Tabbard I needed for Jabberwock. And no fourth Grimble thank God that would be awful especially that I keep them all on the promise of Hero Academy.

No more pulls this month, it’s been a disaster. Not getting any 5 star in a pull isn’t as frustrating as getting 4 of the worst ones. Rant out.


I wont … i think i used up all my luck on that one

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Your post was removed by the time I saw the notification. What’d I miss?

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Sorry… was replying on your post about 60 pulls yet getting nothing… and then because I’m on the phone… somehow I messed up and accidentally clicked on not sure what and the post disappear lol…

I have very bad self-control lol. I kept telling myself no more pulls… no matter what happens NO MORE PULLS!!!

And then I… accidentally tap on the Summoning Portal… and upon seeing Kageburado I just did a 30x pulls again. And this happen:

Not a single 5*.
Not even a Grimble lol.

I have been mentioning how I have been doing 30x to 100x every month in Atlantis and all I have is Ursena. This… is my typical Atlantis summon.

The only time I remember me being lucky was when I did my very first summon x10 (Green Elemental Summon) and got myself Lianna and Kadilen.

But Kage kinda hypnotize me… and I did another 30x pulls :

And here it is finally. My second Atlantis 5* …and third… and Onatel as well. I almost fell from my chair.
Been wasting 100 pulls since June every month… this is the first time in my life I have ever seen something like this happening TO ME.

Though of course… as usual no Kage to be seen…


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