Atlantis Summons – Results & Discussion [November 2018 through February 2020]

Did a 1x10 pull and got zeline plus zimkitha as bonus draw20181122_090947000_iOS


46 pulls.

Misutko, Zimkitha x2, Wilbur x2, Joon and a bunch of feeders


So any tips on azlar to zim??? And which one I should power…

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Zimkitha is pretty awesome. She soaks up alot of things that you’d need multiple other heroes to do. Azlar is great if you need tank or AoE support.

I’d go with Zim unless you had nothing in the tank position.


Did 5 pulls, Triton was the best I got. I was incredibly lucky in the last teltoc summons though so not unhappy :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Snowdoggydogg… I also got Elkanen… worth leveling also?

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Guess I should put this here as well… 1 coin and a 10 pull + Zim


I did 15x pulls every month and still have not gotten a 4 * hero from atlantis since launching my bad luck is until I’m surprised. Lol

I’ve done 2 calls by 30 summons. Only Horghall that I already have. Almost 200€ for one 5* hero. Come on guys. That’s a joke…


That’s an incredible haul from 28 pulls. One of the nest I’ve ever seen

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Elkanen gets a bad rap in my opinion but I’d say he can be a good flank or Titan hitter. There are those that use him as a Tank but he tends to get fried quick by a good red stack (Gravemaker, Azlars, etc)

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Happy Thanksgiving
2 single Atlantis summons today - first one was Boldtusk

Here is the 2nd


Holy ■■■■. You drained the luck of the entire community.


I did 60 pulls (2x30), I got a Grimm, Agwe, Boldtusk, Gormek, Kashrek, Li Xiu, maybe 1 more 4* I’m forgetting plus these were the best 2…

1 Wilbur (what is he best can someone explain it for me please and ty :slight_smile:

2- 1 5* out of 60, Kadilen but from what I’ve read she’s not a very good 5*?

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10 pulls, this and Gadeirus (i already have it full) But i’m glad for wilbur. Too bad that this month i didn’t pulled the HOTM


Grow up dude … its a game … if you don’t wanna to spend money … its your call … but just stop crying about it in every post and on every thread.
You become my new headech!


Just wanted to say something like that but I was sure that there will be someone to do it :wink:

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i think you joke… I buy evry Time offer vip for wath? :slight_smile:

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Its not fear… Only 3 i dont understand altoit player have 5…me only 3 tnks

Got Ares…i hoped for zeline, but no luck :confused:
Now I don’t know who ascend…ares or zimkitha?

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