Atlantis Summons – Results & Discussion [November 2018 through February 2020]

I have nothing against Alberich, Aegir, or Ariel, but… I have too much blue and purple right now anyway, and I’m fine for green. While I certainly wouldn’t complain to get Alberich, I feel that Mok-Arr would be a waste on my roster, so I’m skipping the rest of this Atlantis and will save my gems and coins for next time.

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A few additional slots will come with higher player levels, but if you want more teams and many more slots, you’ll have to buy some.

Do you know the levels in which it increases, or is there somewhere that shows them all (image, spreadsheet etc)?

I pulled a @Kitten today. Four single pulls.

Mnesseus, then Ariel (my second, I’ll bring her to 3.70 for a while).

Why not trying five more with my remaining gems?

Gill-Ra (probably my 125th), then…

Alberich. Wow.

Since I’ve already pulled two Aegirs last October and I have even the sweet Mok-arr, I’m done with Atlantis.


3 pulls - Namahage - alright. Boril - nice. Proteus - wait, what? That is AWESOME. Also just in time for the trials to be over.
Additionally it is my 1st 4 star dark hero - I’ve been waiting on that.


Here it is:


I did three coin pulls:

  1. Ameonna - not too sure what to make of her yet but I needed a dark 4*+
  2. Wilbur - Wooohooo!
  3. Gadeirus - needed a green as well!

Pretty happy with three 4* on three pulls.


My teammate did 60 pulls today, and got no 5* hero.
He is dreadfully disappointed right now. We are trying to cheer him up, but you know that feeling… :roll_eyes:

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Freaking congrats mate! I had to do 90 pulls to get Alberich.

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Wound up pulling Mok-Arr on my alt account. Who would you guys max as your second purple? Thoth or Mok-Arr? I really am thinking Mok would go well in my purple stack since my other maxed 5 purple is Panther

200+ pulls :flushed: 1500 feeders in camps + 40 trainers and all mats were ready for green and blue 5* - hoped for Aegir and/or Ariel and Albi…

Result - Mok-Arr … no Ariel, no Aegir, no Albi …

I should be super lucky in other parts of life obviously :grimacing:


30 pulls. Aegir and 9 4s and 20 3s. Had fingers and toes crossed for Ariel but very content. Went from no tanks a few months ago to BW, Guin and now Aegir.


Ten aingle pulls, as I finished Atlantis Season 2 this month.


and with my last pull


Thanks much appreciated.
I need 12,000 xp to get to 31 so then will have 29 WE.

I bought more gems and go those 25 coins so I had 120 cons, so I did another pull with my free coins and managed to pull a Gil-Ra or however you spell her name.
I am happy with my pulls today.

Muggy, Proteus, Kiril, Kailani, Gil-Ra
All except Kailani are new for me so I am very happy.

I needed a good blue, too. So this was perfect (Agwe was my only 4* blue)

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My pulls! Was wanting alby or ageir but this was nice too


thank you! pretty ■■■■ happy about this :slight_smile:
friend of mine also pulled Albi from 30x

And congrats to you as well!

Ariel or Aegir, come on down. Yep, Gobbler from my 9 coin pulls. Can’t seem to catch a Proteus, an Atlantis 5*, or a blue other than Agwe. Well, 10 more coin pulls if I can finish Atlantis hard; have the flasks. Wilbur was good; second Lianna will level some day; second Khagan pointless.
Ten pulls delineated by < >
30 + 30 = 60 pulls
< Sumitomo > Wilbur Agwe Chao < Margaret Margaret > < Danzaburo Agwe Gadeirus Khagan > Caedmon Agwe Lianna Gobbler

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Yep! It is correct!! So if you get him use him just with purple allies that are immune at his special skill.

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Single pull and got a Balthazar.


From my free coins


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