Atlantis Summons – Results & Discussion [November 2018 through February 2020]

@ThePirateKing Four great pulls. Congratulation! :+1:

Thank you so much. Being an F2P, these pulls are what I depend on. Hope you have a great pull too. :slight_smile:

Just used 1500 atlantis coins and the outcome is pretty awesome
IMG_20190627_103355 IMG_20190627_103428 IMG_20190627_103406


3 coin pulls, 1x10pull, 3x gems… extremely satisfied with tarlak…

Hero Element Type
Namahage 3 Fire Atlantis
Valen 3 Ice Classic
Namahage 3 Fire Atlantis
Berden 3 Nature Classic
Mnesseus 3 Nature Atlantis
Gill-Ra 3 Dark Atlantis
Ameonna 4 Dark Atlantis
Melia 3 Holy Atlantis
Chochin 3 Dark Atlantis
Gato 3 Ice Atlantis
Chochin 3 Dark Atlantis
Kelile 4 Fire Classic
Muggy 3 Nature Atlantis
Proteus 4 Dark Atlantis
Mitsuko 5 Fire Atlantis
Chochin 3 Dark Atlantis
Gunnar 3 Ice Classic
Azar 3 Fire Classic

No Wilbur/Wu Kong/Tarlak/Ranvir

3rd Proteus
Mitsuko will replace Boldtusk as tank.



Should’ve stopped there, did a 10+ with only 3s. But stoked about Tarlak!


Nice, Mitsuko is great. Would love to have gotten her. I did 3 draws with coins which resulted in Namahage Gill Ra and Marjana. Quite satisfied with her, I’ve found my new red project :blush:

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Did a 30 pull, nothing but junk. Decided to do one more pull with the few gems I had left and BOOM, ATHENA!! YES! She was the one I wanted the most of the 4 featured heroes!

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I did 3 30x pulls and I got 1 Atlantis legendary in each…

Pull 1 – Mok-Arr
Pull 2 – Mok-Arr
Pull 3 – Misandra

The rest was junk including about 12 Muggys.



Did two 10-pulls…

No 5*

All ■■■■ heroes except for getting my 3rd Wilbur and 3rd Proteus. I already use them so much but ■■■■ i do not need a 3rd of both :frowning:

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Never been this lucky since like ever. Probably should buy a lottery ticket tomorrow.


I actually wanted Athena or Tarlak, but I won’t complain at all of a non-featured Kageburado. He’s already 2/60 with maxed special. Trying to power level him.


Not very happy though…plus 10 pulls from coins which gave my first Danza and 3* feeders. :persevere:

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Very happy with the result!


@ FroggyRay

Exactly same here, except I got my second Wilbur, Proteus and Skitleskull and 17 3* heroes.
Since I started playing game, nine month ago I didn’t get a ■■■■ 5* hero in almost 100 pulls…

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I’ll trade you my Tarlak for your Marjana :wink::yum::face_with_raised_eyebrow:


11x pull, 7x 3 stars, but the rest more than makes up for it:
Triton (cool)
Proteus (yeah)
Wilbur (YEAH)
Gregorion (YEEAAAH)!

None of these four I had before, so this is VERY good pull for me. I have single problem now: who to train first? Wilbur?


120 pulls, looking for any of the features and HOTM.

Isarnia, Sartana, Tarlak, Tarlak, Ranvir, Ranvir, Gregorian, Kadilen

Quite satisfied.


Barely scraped enough for 1 x Atlantis Coins since last AR… Dropped the coins in on opening night this month…

Sigh… Where are you at, Seahorses?


@Nightmare2048 It depends on your other heroes and what ascension mats you have. If you don’t have many maxed 4* heroes I’d go with Proteus/Wilbur. I use those two everywhere. Triton is a pretty solid 4* sniper, but I don’t use him as much as the other two. Proteus mana control is a must in higher level raiding/wars. Wilbur is best all around tho. Good for offense, good for defense, always used on titans. Hope this helps! (This is just my personal opinion)


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