Atlantis summons in future — what will happen once all of the provinces are released?

It’s always also possible to summon using diamonds instead of Atlantis coins.

As for the coins, however, there are quite a few possibilities:

  • Maybe they can be farmed in the final three provinces (which I also expect to take place in the city rising out of the water) --> however, I doubt that they will make them farmable

  • Maybe they introduce Atlantis quests (just like the gem quests). There should be better and harder Quests for advanced players anyway. Sorry, but “find food”, “find battle items I” etc are both useless and way too easy for anyone beyond beginner level

  • Maybe Atlantis coins can be “forged” in the upcoming Alchemy Lab (and used in the Hero Academy)

But that’s all just speculations :laughing:

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These are good speculations!

If we start to be only with gems, we will have an unsustainable game, because it starts to be everything to pay, 350 gems are not easy to win.

Let’s see what happens! :roll_eyes::money_mouth_face:

Well, my hope is that Atlantis heroes will become trainable when season 2 is over. As for now, heroes like Tarlak are almost impossible to get. In the last three months the chances to get specifically him were 1:1500 (1:500 to get any of the non featured 5* Atlantis heroes). If the probability remains the same (0.2 % for non-featured) it means a 1:3000 chance to get a specific non-featured hero. In other words, 300,000 Atlantis coins or 100 30xsummons which sums up to 840,000 gems :crazy_face: ON AVERAGE. For F2P, C2P and even most P2W (those who aren’t huge whales) Tarlak (or Kageburado or whichever hero one still needs and aims for) is practically gone forever :frowning_face:

Even if the chances get doubled as there are 6 and not 3 non-featured Atlantis 5* heroes, it’s still 150,000 coins or 420,000 gems on average…


If only there were an upcoming Reddit AMA where these things could be asked. :wink:


Will there be a minotaur in said labyrinth, @Rook? :wink:

Ha! I was joking. Must be careful with joking!

official cat statement: I have no knowledge of Season 3 yet (though I think my idea would be cool). :grin:

Here we are, still a couple of months to discover the end of the season 2…

So I’m wondering: if Atlantis Gate appears everytime with a piece of the map, what will happen when the map will be complete? Does the gate will appear later? Or do the Atlantis heroes appear in the “normal” gate? How will we use the Atlantis coins earned after the last stages of Season 2?

@Kerridoc @zephyr1 @Rook Merge?

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Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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SO sorry I swear I looked before I posted… But still, there is no “concret” answer anyway ^^

Really like the idea of atlantis quests as average atlantis coin loot from other sources (titans, monster/raid boxes) is very sad.

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