Atlantis Summons - Couple of Questions

I am a semi-new player playing hardcore for 1 month and really enjoy the game so far:

  1. Since i joined the game i have been keeping track of offers and i perceive current 400 gems 25 coin Atlantis offer is the best value in the game (which I saw in the last month), gem per usd is slightly better than 200gem offer last Wonderland event, plus 25 coins is free. Please share your views and past experience.
  2. Atlantis summon cost more gems 3k for 10 pull 2.8k*3 in 30 pull compared to 2.6k in regular events. Are heroes that much better in Atlantis, why this kind of difference occurs between events? (can 10 chest ascension item availability account for this much)

Many thanks in advance for your comments

Well, these heroes are only offered once a month right now with the possibility of pulling one of 2 past HOTM. (Hero of the month)
The gem offer is one of the best the game offers.
It’s definitely a time where the game makes big money.

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The offer is a good one :slight_smile: And the extra cost of summons is worth it for many people since there are some fabulous 4 and 5 star heroes and many of the 3stars are better than the “standard” You also get an assention item chest for every 10 atlantis summons which is a nice bonus!

The normal summons get a little less exciting once you have been playing for a while, especially if you have training camps at lvl 20.

Yes, this gem offer is the best in the game unless you count very rare offers. This one occurs once a month and is always the same; the monthly events like wonderland also come with an offer, which is the one you saw.

The atlantis heroes, in general, are better than the standard heroes, especially if you have multiples from the same family. I still don’t fully understand their family bonuses, but I’ve heard from other people that if you play them right those bonuses can make a big difference.

When you pull in atlantis you also have a chance to get the featured past HOTM, and considering how desirable many of those heroes are many players are willing to shell out the extra gems for them. The ascension chest (which usually just gives a 3* item) is more like icing on the cake than an incentive to spend more.

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